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The Use of Mobile Phones in Education in Developing Countries

The World Bank is engaged in a variety of activities investigating issues related to the use of mobile phones in education in developing countries.

mEducation Alliance

The World Bank participates in the mEducation Alliance (formerly m4Ed4Dev), an international collaborative effort between bilateral and multilateral donors, NGOs, foundations, private sector partners, academic researchers, and implementing organizations that is working to explore cutting edge intersections between mobiles, education and development and to promote collective knowledge sharing.

The first global knowledge-sharing event sponsored by the Alliance -- Promoting Quality Educational Outcomes through Mobile Technology: International m4Ed4Dev Symposium -- took place in August 2011 in Washington, DC.

Profiles of the use of mobile phones in education in developing countries

The topic of mobile education is a recurrent theme explored in the World Bank's popular weekly EduTech blog (see related blog posts)

eTransform Africa

The use of mobile phones in education in Africa is a key topic being explored as part of the World Bank's eTransform Africa initiative.

Note: An initiative that included plans for a World Bank-sponsored "Global survey of the use of mobile phones in education" was restructured in 2011 and, as a result, this survey will not go forward; other partners in the mEducation Alliance are doing work that will take the place of this survey.

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