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Education Lending in FY 2008

World Bank lending is reported by Fiscal Year (FY). The World Bank's Fiscal Year (FY) starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th of each year. Figures below represent lending for FY 2008 which began on July 1st, 2007 and ended on June 30th, 2008.

Education Lending Trends

The World Bank is one of the world's largest providers of external funding for education. It began supporting education in developing countries in 1963 and to date has transferred more than $US 42.5 billion in loans and credits for education. World Bank education lending has averaged roughly $2 billion annually for the last five years. In FY 08, total education lending reached $1.93 billion. This lending transferred by the World Bank to developing countries supports the development of education policies and strategies, strengthens institutions and service delivery and helps countries expand the qualitative and quantitative capacity of their education systems.

Aggregate data on World Bank lending trends in the education sector can be accessed through the Education Historical Lending Figures. Also, the World Bank’s Project Database provides access to detailed information and project documents on all World Bank projects and operations.

Below is a breakdown of World Bank Education lending trends between FY 2000 and FY 2008.

How much does the World Bank lend to education?

Fiscal YearEducation New Commitments
FY 00728 
FY 011,095 
FY 021,385 
FY 032,349 
FY 041,685 
FY 051,951 
FY 061,991 
FY 072,022
FY 081,927
 Education lending trend FY00-08

What region constituted the largest amount of lending in the education sector for FY 08?

Regional distribution of education lending

As has been the case in previous years, there was considerable variation in the distribution of education lending to the different regions in FY08. The largest amount of education lending was $695 million to the South Asia Region (SAR), accounting for 36 percent of total education lending this past year. The largest component of this lending was a $600 million IDA credit to India for the Second Elementary Education Project. The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region had the second largest amount of education lending in FY08, it totaled $525 million LCR or 27% of total lending. Of lending to the Latin America Region, $300 million was for an loan to Colombia for the Second Student Loan Support Project. One of the largest changes in terms of regional lending was the shift in lending to the Africa Region (AFR) which dropped from $707 million in FY07, or 35 percent of total lending, to $373 million, or 19 percent in FY 08.

Education Lending
FY 04 - FY 08 (in current US$ Million)

RegionFY 04FY 05FY 06FY 07FY 08

What education sub-sector receives the most lending?

The World Bank supports holistic education reform in various manners. It continues to support Basic Education through various activities and lending. The Primary Education category of lending represented the largest percentage of World Bank education lending this past. About 26 percent of lending was categorized as General Education, the category used for projects that supports more than five sub-sectors or when no sub-sector is appropriate. It is estimated that about half of the General Education lending was for Basic Education. The Bank’s focus on post-basic education was also strong in FY 08 with lending to Tertiary Education accounting for 25 percent of total World Bank lending in the sector.

Below is an overview of past education lending trends by education sub-sector including total amount of lending and percentage of total lending. Additionally, a breakdown of FY 08 education sub-sector lending by region is provided below.

Education Lending by Sub-Sector
FY04-08 (US$ million and Percentage of Total)


FY 04

FY 05

FY 06

FY 07

FY 08
Adult lit/nonform ed110.6%5.00.3%39.62.0%371.8%191.0%
Gen education sector35521.1%506.526.0%456.622.9%62731.0%50426.1%
Pre-primary education251.5%88.04.5%147.37.4%140.7%361.9%
Primary education88352.4%565.229.0%552.327.7%41420.5%70236.5%
Secondary education25014.9%375.619.2%449.322.6%25312.5%995.1%
Tertiary education623.7%360.818.5%263.413.2%26012.9%49925.9%
Vocational training985.8%50.12.6%81.94.1%41520.6%693.6%

FY 08 Education Lending by Sub-Sector and Region
($ Million)

Adult lit/nonform ed 12.0   6.518.5
Gen education sector190.095.88.0149.19.351.5503.6
Pre-primary education7.2  22.9 6.036.1
Primary education44.835.415.215.5 591.6702.5
Secondary education3.8 34.031.917.611.298.5
Tertiary education105.367.110.3304.9 11.1498.6
Vocational training21.924.0


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