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ICT Transforming Education: 13th UNESCO-APEID International Conference on Education and World Bank-KERIS High Level Seminar on ICT in Education

November 15-17, 2009

The 13th UNESCO-APEID International Conference, in conjunction with the World Bank-KERIS High Level Seminar on ICT in Education, will emphasize the powerful role ICT can play in changing the way we teach and learn. The conference will provide a forum to explore, identify and synergize innovative approaches for harnessing the potential of ICT to increase the reach and quality of education. Distinguished speakers and paper presenters will share their rich experiences in linking theory to practice. Policymakers, educators, teachers, academicians and researchers will discuss, exchange information and learn from each other on how we use ICT in teaching and learning to improve overall quality of education.

Representatives from governments, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector will:

  • Develop their understanding of the role of ICT in management, teaching and learning practices.
  • Enhance their capacity to develop policies and use ICT to improve the quality of and access to education.
  • Showcase and promote ICT in Education innovations.
  • Engage in collaborative ICT in Education programmes and activities to facilitate networking and exchange of experiences.

Program Agenda 

More information is available on the event website maintained by UNESCO-Bangkok.

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