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What Works in Education - Policy Research Colloquium

Begins:   Apr 29, 2011 14:00
Ends:   Apr 29, 2011 18:30

Friday, April 29, 2011 - The World Bank

The What Works in Education - Policy Research Colloquium focused on the use of evidence for education policy making and reform. Education researchers and practitioners led table discussion focusing on key lessons from research on issues such as education reform, education inputs, health and education, bringing education programs to scale, education systems and demand-side interventions. The format of the colloquium allowed more than the 100 participants to join round table discussions with top education researchers. World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick delivered the opening keynote for the colloquium, focusing on the theme of "Learning for All: Looking Ahead to Education in 2020" and formally launched the Bank's new education strategy. Donald Steinberg, Deputy Administrator of USAID and Nancy Birsall, President of the Center for Global Development provided opening remarks for the event. See the full program and bio for all event speakers and presenters.

Several blog posts related to the event and the new World Bank and USAID Education Strategies were posted following the event. Below are links to some of them, we encourage you to comment on them or write your own blog posts to provide your thoughts and insights into these issues.

Attached below are related videos and materials from the event.

2:00-2:40Opening icon - Video Video
Robert B. Zoellick
, World Bank President: "Learning for All: Looking Ahead to Education in 2020"
Donald Steinberg, Deputy Administrator, USAID
Nancy Birdsall, President, Center for Global Development

2:45-4:50Table Discussions (2 Rounds)

4:50-5:45Closing Panel - What Do We Know & What Don’t We Know About What Works in Education icon - Video Video
  • Manny Jimenez, Sector Director, Human Development East Asia, The World Bank - Moderator
  • Abhijit Banerjee, Ford Foundation Int’l Professor of Economics at MIT
  • Paul Glewwe, Professor of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota
  • Harold Alderman, Consultant, Research Department, The World Bank
  • Rukmini Banerji, Programme Director, Pratham, India
  • Michael Kremer, Gates Professor of Dev Societies, Department of Economics, Harvard University; Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; Scientific Director, Development Innovation Ventures, USAID
  • Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Lead Economist, The World Bank

5:45-6:00Closing - Linking Evidence to Policy in Education icon - Video Video 
  • Elizabeth King, Director, Education, The World Bank
  • David Barth, Director, Office of Education, USAID

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