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Global Symposium on ICT and Education 2011

Global Symposium on ICT in Education 2011:
Benchmarking International Experiences
7 – 10 November 2011

venue: Ritz Carlton Seoul, Republic of Korea

Korea global ICT-ed symposium 2011Organizers:
Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), the World Bank, and UNESCO

Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS)

Partner Organizations:
Intel Asia Pacific



1. Share and discuss results of on-going initiatives related to ICT in education indicator frameworks and data collection

2. Address complex issues of establishing ICT in education policy
- What evidence is there for ICT in education policy?
- What are the implications for developing countries?

3. Develop global cooperative networks to collaboratively share ideas, experiences and best practices related to ICT use in education

pdf Agenda (to be updated)

pdf Concept Note


-- day one --

Dr. Seog-Soo Han, Director General, Education Information & Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Republic of Korea:
21st Century: Educational Innovation and Use of ICT in Education

Robin Horn, Education Sector Manager, The World Bank:
SABER: System Assessment & Benchmarking for Education Results, An Integrative Framework 

Michael Trucano, Sr. ICT & Education Specialist, The World Bank:

Simon Ellis, Regional Adbvisor for Asia & the Pacific, UNESCO Institute for Statistics:
ICT in Education Statistics: The Next Steps? 

Nune Voskanyan, UNESCO Institute for Statistics:
Information and Communication Technology in Education Statistics (ICT4E Stats): UIS recent experience and lessons learnt 

-- day two -- 

Dr. Dae Joon Hwang, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Best Practice of ICT in Education with Special Focus on Korean Case

Ki-Sang Song (Korea National University of Education)
2010 ICT in Education Readiness Report: Lessons to Developing Countries 

Brian G. Gonzalez, Director, Global Education Sector, Intel
Transforming Education Global Trends and Learnings 

Laura Mares Serra
REPLE + Conectar Igualdad 

Ajith Pasqual
Sri Lanka’s Journey in ICT in Education 

-- day three --

Country panels:
[-] ICT for Education in Indoensia
[-] Education and Technology in Chile
[-] Dominican Republic: ICT in Schools Overview
[-] GeSCI: Global e-schools and community initiative 

Dr. Daniel Light, Education Development Center
Using Assessment to Promote 21st Century Learning 

Hye-kyung Yang, KERIS
KERIS: Genesis, Missions and the Way Forward 

Boseon Kim, KERIS
Overview of NEIS National Education Information System 

Jeongmin J. Noh, KERIS
Digital Textbook Initiative in Korea: The new experiences 

Ki-Seok Park, Chairman of Sigong Media
ICT in Education with Digital Multimedia Best Practice & Development Process

The global symposium on ICT use in education in Seoul is an annual event, one activity in a multi-year strategic partnership between the World Bank and the Republic of Korea exploring a wide range of issues related to the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) in education. Information on past events under this partnership can be found here.

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