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Accelerating Progress toward the Education MDGs

In September 2010, World Bank President Robert Zoellick pledged that the Bank would commit an additional $750 million in financing for basic education over five years from the International Development Association (IDA), to help the poorest countries accelerate progress toward the 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for Education. In November 2011, the Bank reaffirmed this commitment at the Global Partnership for Education pledging conference in Copenhagen.

Our projections are for a sharp rise in IDA support for basic education in the current fiscal year (FY12) to about $1.4 billion. If the projects under preparation are approved by June 30, 2012, then we will be nearly halfway toward meeting our pledge. Increasing our support for basic education is a priority for our dialogue with countries, particularly in countries furthest from meeting the education MDGs. We are closely monitoring progress on our pledge and will be providing quarterly updates on this site.

IDA Support to Basic Education (US $ Million)
IDA Support to Basic Education 

IDA & IBRD Support to Basic Education (US $ Million)
IDA/IBRD Support to Basic Education
* Estimate for FY12 based on actual + pipeline lending as of March 30, 2012
[Source: Education Historical Lending Figures]

World Bank Pledge for Education MDGs -- Progress to Date 

 FY00FY01FY02FY03FY04FY05FY06FY07FY08FY09FY10FY11 Estimated FY12
as of
Mar. 30, 2012
IDA to Basic Education 3443693916379465866508049331,2901,2134031,4401,000
Yearly progress to pledge (baseline: $742 million)(339) 698  
Cumulative progress to pledge (339) 359  
% left to reach pledge 145%52% 
Amount left to pledge1,089 391  

* Estimates for FY12 based on actual + pipeline lending as of March 30, 2012
** FY12 lending as of March 30, 2012- does not include estimated additional lending

World Bank lending is reported by Fiscal Year (FY). The World Bank's Fiscal Year (FY) starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th of each year. 

Last Updated: April 5, 2012

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