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SABER-ICT ICT & education policies

In 2011, the World Bank kicked off a new initiative to build a global database of policy documents related to ICT use in education, to aid policymakers assess and benchmark their own policies against those of comparator countries around the world. As part of this process, SABER-ICT is attempting to assess the state of ICT-related policy formulation in the education sector according to a number of key policy domains and characteristics, including:

  • vision and political commitment;
  • ICT infrastructure;
  • teachers and teaching;
  • learning materials;
  • skills development;
  • educational administration;
  • monitoring and evaluation;
  • equity;
  • institutional arrangements;
  • non-formal education; and
  • child digital safety.

The first set of results from this work is expected in mid-2012.

Revised preliminary draft
Master list of
ICT/education policy documents

(draft working document,
version 0.3, 24 February 2012)

(previous version, June 2011) 


Updates on work under SABER-ICT are available on the World Bank's EduTech blog. Of particular interest might be the following posts:

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