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Tertiary Education & Employability: The Missing Link

Begins:   Jun 04, 2013 08:30
Ends:   Jun 04, 2013 10:00

2013 World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings Learning for All Ministerial Event
Chair: Beth King
Director of Education
Human Development Network
World Bank

Presenters: Anthony Carnevale
Research Professor and Director, The Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce, Washington DC

Andrea Cammeli
Executive Director,
AlmaLaurea Univeristy Consortium,
Bologna, Italy

Discussants: Jee- Peng Tan
Workforce Development Lead and Advisor, Education, Human Development Network
World Bank

Tertiary education is a key component of national strategies aimed at better positioning countries in the knowledge-based economy. Despite higher private returns to tertiary education and higher national benefits from an educated workforce, unemployment of tertiary education graduates is high, especially in countries greatly affected by the recent financial crisis, and employers all over the world express concerns about the lack of proper skills o tertiary education graduates. Panelists at the Tertiary Education & Employability: The Missing Link event will discuss research-based evidence on education at the workforce, and share concrete strategies aimed at better connecting the needs employers and the educational provision of tertiary education institutions. A discussant from the World Bank will reflect on the concrete implications for the Bank’s tertiary education agenda and link this to the needs of Bank client countries.

Tertiary Education at a Crossroads is a series of monthly discussion to enable collective reflection on the role of The World Bank in tertiary education.

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