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Symposium on Learning: Assessment for Global Learning

About the Event

A global learning crisis is affecting the life chances of millions of children around the world. Despite significant progress over the past fifteen years in getting more girls and boys into school, gains have been uneven and learning levels remain alarmingly low. In response to this crisis, governments, international organizations, and other stakeholders are turning their attention to the challenge of improving the quality of education and accelerating learning. Measurement, through the use of learning assessment systems, is key to accelerating progress.

A symposium on learning that brings together technical experts and policy researchers who are active in the development community will provide a platform to review and discuss the existing menu of tools and approaches for monitoring and supporting student learning, and to explore how they can be used to build or improve learning assessments for the post-2015 context.

The symposium will address the following questions:

  1. Why is measurement of learning important to achieve the post-2015 global development goals?

  2. What are the available tools and approaches for measuring and effectively using information on learning? How do these tools and approaches fill out the picture on student learning?

  3. How can governments draw on these tools and approaches to create learning assessment systems that support learning for all? What do they need to do to build or improve their assessment systems?

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