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Nov 03, 2014Global Symposium on ICT in Education 2014
Date: Nov 03 - Nov 05

Sep 05, 2014Translating and Implementing the Khan Academy in Brazil

Jun 05, 2014The impact of educational technology on teaching and learning

Jun 03, 2014Evaluating the Khan Academy

Mar 26, 2014Using mobile phones and the web to collect, map and share data in the education sector: Lessons from Uganda

Nov 18, 2013The Cost of Corruption in Education
Location: J1-050 Auditorium ("J" Building lobby level)
Contact: Events at Infoshop


Nov 12, 2013MMMF International Arts & Crafts Fair, November 12-14
Date: Nov 12 - Nov 14
Location: World Bank Main Complex
Contact: Uayporn Satitpanyapan
Catherine M. Mathieu


Oct 22, 2013Global Symposium on ICT and Education 2013
Date: Oct 22 - Oct 24

Sep 18, 2013Good Governance Models for Higher Education Institutions: Lessons from Universities in MENA Countries

Jun 26, 2013Innovations in Workforce Development: The U.S. Experience

Jun 20, 2013Big Data in Education - inBloom and efforts to involve students and teachers with data tools designed to personalize learning

Jun 04, 2013Tertiary Education & Employability: The Missing Link

Apr 02, 2013Nokia Life: A Mobile Platform for the Next Billion

Mar 21, 2013Towards a global revolution in education: Using digital technology to provide quality education for all

Feb 21, 2013Free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) to Accelerate Youth Employment in Africa

Dec 11, 2012Global Symposium on ICT and Education 2012
Date: Dec 11 - Dec 14

Dec 02, 2012The World Bank - Iraq Education Seminar and Study Tour
Date: Dec 02 - Dec 14

Sep 06, 2012Global Skills Summit 2012
Date: Sep 06 - Sep 07
Location: Federation House, New Delhi

Sep 05, 20122nd Annual mEducation Alliance International Symposium
Date: Sep 05 - Sep 07

Jun 13, 20122012 Meeting of the International Working Group on Education (IWGE)
Date: Jun 13 - Jun 14

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