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Education Attainment in the Adult Population (Barro-Lee Data Set)

This module contains the data set on educational attainment for 142 countries and all regions in the world from 1955-2000. The data includes (1) average years of schooling of adult population by age - over age 15 and over age 25; and (2) the percentage distribution of the adult population who have attained various levels of education. The data refer to male and female attainment of the adult population at four levels: no schooling, primary, secondary, and higher. It also provides a rough breakdown into incomplete and complete attainment at the three levels of schooling.
The data was estimated by Robert Barro and Jong-Wha Lee.

For information about the strengths and limitations of the methodology, please read Barro-Lee’s paper
International Data on Education Attainment: Updates and Implementation, 2000.

Country Data

Regional Data

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