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World Bank Public Expenditure Database

This module allows users to search for education expenditure data from World Bank public expenditure documents published between 2002 and 2011. This data is not internationally comparable because there is no standard method of calculation for many of the indicators in the database. Users should not compare this data across countries.

Users can search for public expenditure data on a specific country:

Users can also search for countries that have data on specific indicators:

This database has around 870 indicators. If users have difficulty locating an indicator, refer to the Indicator Map. For indicator explanations and methods of data extraction/calculation, please see the Notes on the Data. Click here to learn how to conduct a query using the WB Public Expenditure Database.

Users can also view the public expenditure background documents used in this database. Some of the documents include regional data on various indicators that are not included in the database. Users can search by country for information on regional data.

The EdStats site also has additional resources on Education Expenditures:

  • To view an example of country-level analysis based on the data in the WB Public Expenditure Database, please review the Benin Country Education Expenditure Profile.
  • The Public Education Expenditure analysis presentation in the State of Education module includes maps, tables, and Top 10 lists that can highlight countries’ commitment to funding the education sector and how countries allocate their education spending between primary, secondary, and tertiary education. This analysis is based on internationally-comparable data from UIS.
  • The WB Public Expenditure Database holds data on Household Expenditures on Education. For additional data, see the Private Education Expenditures module.

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