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Household Surveys

The Household Surveys module presents data on gender, income and geographic inequalities in education access, progression, attainment, and expenditures. The data were collected through three types of household surveys: Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS), and Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS). The data can be accessed in three ways:

  • The EdStats Query holds DHS and MICS household survey data for selected indicators.
  • ADePT Education is a new software tool that derives common indicators from household survey data and allows users to create customized reports and graphs.
  • The Household Survey Education Profiles are ADePT Edu reports generated by EdStats for all available DHS, MICS, and LSMS.  They include a variety of indicators and graphs in Excel.

For more information on household surveys, please see our Additional Household survey links.

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