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New EdStats Newsletter: Out of School Girls
The latest edition of the EdStats newsletter uses gender-disaggregated data on out-of-school children to understand more about trends in equitable access to primary education around the world. It includes global, regional, and country-level analysis of total numbers of out-of-school girls.
Education Equality data updated in EdStats Query
The EdStats Query has been updated with new data on gender, income and rural/urban inequalities in education access, progression, attainment, and expenditures. The data were extracted from 36 new Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) using ADePT Education. In total, data from 176 DHS conducted between 1990 and 2011 are now included in the EdStats Query.
New Household Survey Country Profiles added
Updated Household Survey Country Profiles for 176 Demographic and Health Surveys are now available on the EdStats website. These profiles can hold additional information that is not currently available in the EdStats Query on ethnicity, language, region, and religion. The Household Survey Country Profiles also include a series of charts.
Newsletter: Analysis of the WB’s Work in the Education Sector
A new edition of the EdStats Newsletter has been released: The World Bank’s Work in the Education Sector: An Analysis of FY12 Education Operations. The newsletter presents a brief analysis of the types of activities proposed in FY12 World Bank education operations and how those activities are related to improved access, quality, efficiency, and/or system effectiveness.
  The State of Education -- Data Analysis Modules
Systems Approach for Better Education Results
The World Bank's Systems Approach for Better Education Results (SABER) program is an evidence-based program to help countries systematically examine and strengthen the performance of their education systems. The SABER Education Management Information System (EMIS) policy domain focuses on improving education data quality to promote system planning and policy dialogue. The SABER EMIS Assessment Tool (SEAT) is a new diagnostic tool developed to benchmark countries' education information systems.

NEW! SABER EMIS Assessment Tool Reports for six Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) countries + an OECS regional SEAT report.
Data Visualization
Assessing Sector Performance and Inequality in Education
The book compiles all the information needed to use ADePT Edu, the software platform created by the World Bank for the reporting and analysis of education indicators and education inequality.
EdStats Newsletter
November 2012 Edition
EdStats Newsletter
This edition of the EdStats Newsletter uses gender-disaggregated data on out-of-school children to understand more about trends in equitable access to primary education around the world.
 Out of School Girls: Gender and Access to Primary Education over Time


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