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Children in Brazil

World Bank's Early Child Development (ECD) is part of the Child and Youth Group in Human Development Network (HDN). Our primary mission is to improve World Bank's staff and clients' knowledge of ECD programming and to improve the quality of World Bank's lending for ECD.

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Maintaining a knowledge base on ECD to support World Bank's operational staff in designing ECD projects and increasing the lending for ECD as part of World Bank's Education For All (EFA) and Health and Social Protection (HD) portfolio.
  • Extending the knowledge base on ECD and building capacity among World Bank's task managers and field practitioners in the design and preparation of ECD interventions.

We fulfill these roles by:

  • Responding to just-in-time requests from operation staff. Proactively providing technical assistance and support for policy dialogue with governments.
  • Preparing analytical, economic and sector studies, and regional strategy papers.
  • Designing, supervising, and evaluating ECD projects.
  • Providing analytical frameworks, tools and resources for effective implementation of ECD projects.
  • Closely monitoring ECD projects for best practices and lessons learned.