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Energy Week 2004

The Infrastructure Action Plan: "The Impact of Energy"

Energy Forum (March 8-11)   Electricity Tariff Seminar (March 11-12)   Prototype Carbon Fund Seminar (March 12)




Against a backdrop of continued decreases in private sector investments in electricity and the need for the Bank to scale up to meet the growing gap between supply and demand, this year’s sessions addressed several issues including:


  • The need to scale up support for the delivery of modern energy services to the poor
  • Private and public sector roles in the delivery of electricity services
  • The need to increase investments power sector infrastructure with particular focus on networks
  • The increasing attention being paid to the role of renewable energy
  • Continued support for energy reforms, adjusting them to reflect lessons learned from the past  

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The State of Energy Today: Meeting the Energy Security Challenges. 
Jamal Saghir, Director, Energy and Water Department, The World Bank.


Global Energy Outlook and Future Challenges in the Developing World.
Claude Mandil, Executive Director, International Energy Agency, Paris, France.


Global Energy Markets—High Energy Prices? Outlook for Oil, Gas and Coal Markets. (combined presentation)

  • Outlook for the world oil market and oil industry .
    J. Robinson West, Chairman, PFC Energy, washington, DC.
  • Outlook for global natural gas markets .
    Peter Hughes, Vice President, Strategy & Planning, BP Gas Power & Renewables, London UK.
  • Outlook for world steam coal market.
    David Price, Director, The McCloskey Group, Petersfield, UK. 
    Power Generation and Governance—Impact of High Energy Prices(combined presentation)
  • Revenue transparency and governance
    Alan Detheridge, VP External Affairs, Exploration & Production, Shell Int’l. Ltd., London UK (no presentation)
  • Global investment in power generation .
    Robert Hemphill, Executive Vice President, The AES Corporation, Washington DC.
  • The role of hydro in the global challenge for renewables .
    Peter Rae, Chairman, Hydro Tasmania, Australia.

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Privatizing Power Distribution in Georgia. (combined presentation)

  • Privatizing power distribution in Georgia .
    Paul Devlin, Director and Producer of “Power Trip.”
  • The Bank perspective .
    Jonathan Walters, Lead Economist, EASIN.
  • The Government perspective.                        
    Irma Kavtaradze, PA Consulting, Tbilisi, Georgia (former Dep. Minister of State PropertyManagement).
  • The Investor’s perspective .
    Michael Scholey, Group Manager, AES Corporation, Arlington, VA (former General Manager, AES Georgia).

Regional Presentations On Private Participation In Power Distribution. (combined presentation)

  • The NETGroup Experience with management contracts in Tanzania .
    Dries Louw, Chief Executive Officer, NETGroup Solutions, South Africa.
  • Cooperation between the city & the electrical utility—The key to success (Jacmel, Haiti) .
    Philippe Schubert, Energy Specialist & Project Manager, Canadian International Development Agency, Ottawa, Canada; Rosnick Grant, Head of Electricité d”Haïti, Jacmel, Haiti.
  • Small enterprise experience in off-grid supply (Cambodia example) .
    Jordan Z. Schwartz, Sr. Infrastructure Specialist, Finance, Private Sector & Infrastructure, LAC Johannes Exel, Consultant, AFTEG.

Regional Transmission Systems. (combined presentation)

  • The Peruvian transmission model .
    Pedro E. Sanchez Gamarra, Senior Energy Specialist, SASEI.
  • Challenges of transmission in a multi-country pool .
    Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr, Dept. of Economics, University of Oslo, Norway.
  • The challenge of increasing transmission capacity in existing networks .
    Jim Barker, President, Barker Dunn and Rossi, Washington DC.
  • “Smart” transmission systems—the possible use of new technology .
    Dejan Sobajic, Director, Grid Reliability & Power Markets, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA.

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Scaling up Access to Energy--The Client’s Perspective. (combined presentation)

    S.M. Shamsul Alam, Secretary, Power Div., Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources, Bangladesh.
    Francis Gbeddy, Energy Commission of Ghana.
    R.V. Shahi, Secretary, Ministry of Power, India.
    Fred Kabagambe-Kaliisa, P.S. Energy, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Uganda. (no presentation)
    Trihn Ngoc Khanh, Deputy, Business & Rural Electrification Dept., Electricity of Vietnam.

Expanding Energy Services to the Poor. (combined presentation)

  • Priorities and strategy in responding to energy service needs and environmental challenges.
    Robert Bacon, Manager, COCPO.
  • Sustainability and scale-up of traditional and modern biomass.
    Boris Utria, Senior Economist, AFTEG.
  • The Mozambique energy reform and access program.
    Reynold Duncan, Senior Power Engineer, AFTEG.
  • Gender issues in energy development.
    John Strongman, Adviser, Mining, COCPD.

Planning Workshop— World Bank Group RoadMap for Scaling up Access to Modern Energy and Renewables. (combined presentation)

  • Objectives and outcomes expected from road map and from planning exercise.
    Anil Cabraal, Senior Energy Specialist, EWDEN.
  • IFC priorities and scale-up strategy.
    Alan Miller, Senior Projects Officer, CESGE.

Draft Regional Road Maps for Scaling Up Access to Modern Energy and Renewables. (combined presentation)

  • Africa Region.
    Leader: Yusupha Crookes, Sector Manager, AFTEG.
  • East Asia and Pacific Region
    Leader: Junhui Wu, Sector Manager, EASEG.
  • Europe and Central Asia Region. 
    Leader: Henk Busz, Sector Manager, ECSIE. (no presentation)
  • Latin America and Caribbean Region.
    Leader: Sue Goldmark, Sector Manager, LCSFE. 
  • Middle East and North Africa Region.
    Leader: Françoise Clottes, Sector Manager,
  • South Asia Region
    Leader: Penelope Brook, Sector Manager, SASEI (no presentation)

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Private Participation in Power. (combined presentation)

  • OED Findings on private participation in power.
    Fernando Manibog, Lead Evaluation Officer, OEDST.
  • Guidance note on private participation in power.
    Gary Stuggins, Lead Energy Economist, EWDEN and Clive Harris, Sr. Private Sector Development Specialist, IEF. 
  • Re-engaging the private sector.
    Mathew Buresch, Deloitte Touche, Washington, DC.

Different Aspects of the Guidance Note on Private Participation in Power. (combined presentation)

  • Moderator: Public and Private Sector Roles in the Supply of Electricity Services. Clive Harris, Sr. Private Sector Development Specialist, IEF.
  • Fiscal space.
    Anand Rajaram, Lead Economist, Public Sector Governance, PREM.
  • Enterprise restructuring and Bank lending pre-PSP .
    Alan Townsend, Sr. Private Sector Development Specialist, IEF, and David Keith, PA Consulting.
  • Market structure.
    John Besant-Jones, Energy Economist (Consultant), EWDEN.

Enhancing the role of renewable energy for accelerating social and economic development (combined presentation)

  • Renewable energy & The World Bank Group: A shareholder’s perspective
    Eckhard Deutscher, Executive Director for the Federal Republic of Germany, The World Bank (no presentation)
  • Renewable energy for meeting environmental and social imperatives
    Ian Johnson, Vice President, Sustainable Development, The World Bank (no presentation)

DEBATE—Strategy for the rapid scale-up of renewable energy use 


View 1--An Aggressive, Target-Based Adoption of Renewable Energy is Necessary. (combined presentation)

  • Mathew Mendis, Corporate Vice President, International Resources Group Ltd., Washington DC; (no presentation)
  • Stephen Karekezi, African Energy Policy Research Network, Nairobi, Kenya;
  • Stefan Singer , Head of European Climate & Energy Policy Unit, World Wildlife Fund, Belgium.

View 2--An Agile, Robust, and Flexible Market-Based Response is Necessary. (combined presentation)

  • Bill Howley, Director, Ecosystems Services and Clean Energy Group, Winrock International, USA;
  • Budak Dilli, Director General, Ministry of Energy and National Resources, Ankara, Turkey;
  • Ajit Gupta, Head, Remote Village Electricity Grp, Min. of Nonconventional Energy Sources, New Delhi, India (no presentation)

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