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The Energy Department currently supports two regular paper series: Discussion Paper Series and Working Notes Series:

  • The Discussion Paper Series explores a wide variety of issues related to implementation of energy sector reform. The Papers are prepared by experts inside and outside the World Bank and their purpose is to encourage discussion and comment within the development community.
  • The Working Notes are intended to complement the Energy and Mining Sector Board Discussion Papers. Working Notes are lightly edited notes i.e. "works in progress, " and only available in electronic format. Energy Working Notes replace the discontinued Energy Issues series. Please visit the Discontinued Series for the Energy Issues and other archived series.

Throughout the World Bank Group other departments publish their own publication series. Please see selected World Bank Papers.

Here you can also find Occasional and One-Off papers.

Please note that Operational Guidance Notes and policy-related Energy and Mining Sector Board publications are presented on the Strategy and Policy page.

Occasional and One-Off Papers:

little blue triengle Water, Electricity and the Poor: Who Benefits from Utility Subsidies. October 7, 2006

little blue triengle Connecting Residential Households to Natural Gas: An Economic & Financial Analysis (684k pdf) OBA Working Paper Series. Paper No. 7, April 2006

little blue triengle Primer on Demand-Side Management with an Emphasis on Price Responsive Programs (382k pdf). February 2005.

little blue triengle World Bank Group Progress on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: 1990–2004 (796k pdf). March 2005.

little blue triengle Applications of dynamic pricing in developing and emerging economies (422k pdf). May 2005.

little blue triengleThe Energy Challenge for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (1130k pdf). UN-Energy. July, 2005. The report informs and vitalizes dialogue on national and global policy choice, and  supports public and private sector investment in energy services to meet the Millennium Development Goals. Also see UN-Press release.

Unless otherwise stated, the findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in the papers are entirely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank or the governments they represent.

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