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Energy Week 2005

Washington D.C.


Energy Week 2005 took place in Washington, DC March 14-16, 2005.  It featured presentations and discussions with leading energy development practitioners and offered networking activities to participants from Governments, NGOs, consultants and World Bank Group staff.


The theme of Energy Week 2005 was Our Energy Future - ensuring affordable and reliable supplies of energy for the 21st century in developing countries is a prerequisite for economic development and poverty reduction. The program featured plenary and breakout sessions addressing the key developments that are shaping the future of energy supply and the kinds of energy services which will be available in developing countries in the future. Topics covered included:

  • Sustainability in extractive industry development
  • Improving governance and the quality of public decision-making and institutions
  • Environmental policies and management
  • Renewable energies development
  • Energy planning and technology choice
  • Regulatory and contractual issues
  • The climate and outlook for private power investment
  • Natural gas development
  • Opportunities and strategies for expanding carbon finance
  • Indoor air pollution, and cleaner cooking and heating fuels

Plenary sessions featured presentation of emerging strategic issues in the energy sector, and breakout parallel sessions explored case experience with the objective of sharing good practice and stimulating informed discussion on issues of implementation.

What is Energy Week? 


Every year, World Bank Group staff, energy development practitioners from governments, industries, NGOs, civil society and academia gather for a three-day conference focused on issues affecting energy services in developing countries. Following the conference, two further days of training sessions and side events are scheduled.


Plenary sessions and break-out sessions and workshops take place in meeting rooms within the World Bank Group main complex building at 1818 H Street, NW, in Washington, D.C., USA.  Energy Week 2005 was our 12th annual energy conference.  Conference proceedings are in English only.


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Who participated in Energy Week 2005?


Participation in Energy Week is by invitation only. 728 participants (251 World Bank Group staff and 477 external participants)  attended the event.  A  list of the external participants, their country of residence and their affiliation is posted on this website (see right navigation bar).  More then 30 developing countries were represented by senior policy makers and these included the energy ministers of Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Uganda.  Developed country representatives included senior officials form development aid agencies, foreign ministries and NGOs.  The major international firms with investments in power projects in developing countries were represented. A large portion of participants were energy development practitioners including consultants working on World Bank Group energy projects.  


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How were speakers selected? 


The World Bank is active in most developing countries, and has a broad base of contacts within governments, the investment community, consultancies, academia, non-governmental organizations, and in civil society. We draw from our many relationships to select speakers who offer the most dynamic, informative and relevant insights relevant to the themes of Energy Week.


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Are the speakers’ presentations available? 

Speakers are asked to make their presentations available to following the conference. These are posted on this website (right navigation bar).


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