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Discontinued Series

This section presents the discontinued publication series of the Energy and Mining Sector Board. Please note that the titles of some of the discontinued series reflect old names of the department: (a) Energy, Mining and Telecommunications (EMT), and (b) Industry and Energy (IEN).


  Annual Energy and Development Reports


Energy and the Environment. Energy and Development Report 2001.

Energy Services for the World's Poor. Energy and Development Report 2000.

Energy after the Financial Crises. Energy and Development Report 1999.

  Energy Issues and Notes


little blue triengleGas Turbine Based Power Plants: Technology and Market Status. Energy Issues No. 20, by Robert Taud, Juergen Karg and Donal O’Leary. June 1999.


little blue triengleSupercritical Coal Fired Power Plants. A Technology Being Successfully Deployed in Developing Countries. Energy Issues No. 19, by Ingo Paul. April 1999.


little blue triengleTailor-Made off the Shell: Reducing the Cost and Construction Time of Thermal Power Plants. Energy Issues No. 18, by Ingo Paul, Robert Taud, and Donal O’Leary. March 1999.


little blue triengleGas Market Development in Brazil: How Gas-Fueled Power Plants can Operate in Brazil's Hydro Dominated System. Energy Issues No. 17, by Peter L. Law and Hernan G. Garcia. February 1999.


little blue triengleCommercialization of Marginal Gas Fields. Energy Issues No. 16, by Masami Kojima. January 1999.


little blue triengleFinancing Decentralized Renewable Energy: New Approaches. Energy Issues No. 15, by Douglas Barnes, Karl Jechoutek, and Andrew Young. October 1998.


Technologies for Reducing Emissions in Coal-Fired Power Plants.  Energy Issues No.14, by Masaki Takahashi. August 1998.


Cleaner Transportation Fuels for Air Quality Management. Energy Issues No. 13, by Masami Kojima and Eleodoro Mayorga-Alba.   July 1998.


little blue triengleRural Lighting Services: a Comparison of Lamps for Domestic Lighting in Developing Countries. Energy Issues No.12, by Willem M. Floor and Robert J. van der Plas. July 1998.


Renewable Energy Briefing - Solar Photovoltaic Power  (304k pdf). Energy Note No. 10. May 1997.

little blue triengleGuidelines for Attracting Developers of Hydropower Independent Power Projects. Energy Note No. 9, by John Besant-Jones. April 1996.

International Roundtable on Natural Gas Trade. Energy Note No. 8. September 1996.


little blue triengleConsequences of Energy Policies for Urban Poor (48K pdf).  Energy Note No. 7, by Douglas Barnes. November 1995.


Deregulation and Reform of Petroleum Markets.  Energy Note No. 6, by Eleodoro Mayorga-Alba. September 1995.


Barge-Mounted Diesel Generators. Energy Note No. 5, by Robert Bacon. August 1995.


little blue triengleNiger Household Energy Project. Energy Note No. 4, by Willem Floor.  July 1995.


little blue triengleAttracting Finance for Hydroelectric Power. Energy Note No. 3, by John Besant-Jones.  June 1995.


Independent Power Projects (IPPs).  Energy Note No. 2, by Mangesh Hoskote.  May 1995.


little blue triengleBurning Charcoal Issues.  Energy Note No. 1, by Robert van der Plas.  April 1995.


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IEN Occasional and Departmental Working Papers

little blue triengleMining and the Community: The Results of the Quito Conference.  EMT Occasional Paper No. 11, byGary McMahon (Editor). April 1998.


little blue triengleBulk Electricity Pricing in Restructured Markets: Lessons for Developing Countries from Eight Case Studies.  IEN Occasional Paper No. 10, by Robin W. Bates and London Economics (Consultants).February 1997.


little blue trienglePower Sector Reform in Developing Countries and the Role of the World Bank.  IEN Occasional Paper No. 9, by Achilles G. Adamantiades, John E. Besant-Jones, and Mangesh Hoskote. September 1996.


little blue triengleNatural Gas Trade in Asia and Middle East. Departmental Working Paper, by Shigeru Kubota. September 1996.


little blue triengleRegulation of Petroleum Product Pricing in Africa - a Proposed System Based on Studies of four Sub-Saharan Countries.  IEN Occasional Paper No.7, by Patrick A. Wright. August 1996.


little blue triengleRegularizing Informal Mining: A Summary of the Proceedings of the International Roundtable on Artisanal Mining. IEN Occasional Paper No. 6, by Mamadou Barry (editor). April 1996.


little blue triengleThe Commercialization Process in Exploration and Production Agreements: A Study from the Africa Gas Initiative.  IEN Occasional Paper No. 5, by Mohsen Shirazi. November 1995.


little blue triengleRegional Oil and Gas Workshop, Tokyo, Japan: Report on Workshop Findings and Follow-up Activities. IEN Occasional Paper No. 4, by Paul Wolman.   May 1995.


little blue triengleAppropriate Restructuring Strategies for the Power Generation Sector: The Case of Small Systems.  IEN Occasional Paper No. 3, by Robert Bacon. May 1995.


little blue triengleSubmission and Evaluation of Proposals for Private Power Generation in Developing Countries. IEN Occasional Paper No. 2 (also issued as World Bank Discussion Paper No. 250), by K & M Engineering and Consulting Corporation.   April 1994.


little blue trienglePower Supply in Developing Countries: Will Reform Work? A Roundtable Discussion. IEN Occasional Paper No. 1 (also issued as World Bank Discussion Paper No. 332 in English and French).  November 1993.


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Energy Working Papers


little blue triengleAn Evaluation of World Bank Funded Petroleum Exploration Promotion Programs 1980-1990. Energy Working Paper No. 59, by Akin Oduolowu.September 1992.


little blue triengleSteam Coal for Power and Industry Issues and Scenarios.  Energy Working Paper No. 58, by Karl G. Jechoutek, Sadhan Chattopadhya, Riaz Khan, Forrest Hill, and Christopher Wardell. October 1992.


little blue triengleUnderstanding Fuelwood Prices in Developing Nations. Energy Working Paper No. 56, by Douglas F. Barnes. July 1992.


little blue triengleManaging Risks of Investments in Developing Countries. Energy Working Paper No. 55, by John E. Besant-Jones and Lori Hylan (editors).   May 1992.


little blue triengleThe Trade-Off/Risk Method: A Strategic Approach to Power Planning. Energy Working Paper No. 54, by Enrique Crousillat and Hyde Merrill.   May 1992.


little blue triengleUrban Interfuel Substitution, Energy Use, and Equity in Developing Countries: Some Preliminary Results. Energy Working Paper No. 53, by Douglas F. Barnes, and Qian Liu.   April 1992.


Electricity pricing: Conventional Views and New Concepts. Energy Working Paper No. 52, by Witold Teplitz-Sembitzky. March 1992.


little blue triengleCO2 Emissions by the Residential Sector: Environmental Implications of Interfuel Substitution. Energy Working Paper No. 51, by Willem Floor and Robert van der Plas. March 1992.


Energy Issues in Central and Eastern Europe: Considerations for the World Bank Group and Other Financial Institutions. Energy Working Paper No. 50, by Joerg-Uwe Richter. March 1992.


little blue triengleAccounting for Traditional Fuel Production. The Household-Energy Sector and its Implications for the Development Process. Energy Working Paper No. 49, by Henry M Pskin, Willem Floor, and Douglas F. Barnes. March 1992.


little blue triengleAssessment of Biomass Energy Resources: A Discussion on its Need and Methodology. Energy Working Paper No. 48, by Paul Ryan and Keith Openshaw. December 1991.


little blue triengleKerosene Stoves: Their Performance, Use and Constraints. Energy Working Paper No. 47, by Willem Floor and Robert van der Plas. October 1991.


little blue triengleCore Report of the Electric Power Utility Efficiency Improvement Study. Energy Working Paper No. 46. September 1991.


little blue triengleGuidelines for Assessing Wind Energy Potential. Energy Working Paper No. 45, by Rene Moreno. September 1991.


little blue triengleA Methodology for Regional Assessment of Small Scale Hydro Power. Energy Working Paper No. 44. September 1991


little blue triengleGuideline for Diesel Generating Plant Specification and Bid Evaluation. Energy Working Paper No. 43. September 1991


little blue triengleA Review of International Power Sales Agreements. Energy Working Paper No. 42, by Diane Minogue. August 1991.


little blue triengleHealth and Safety Aspects of Nuclear Power Plants. Energy Working Paper No. 41, by J. Gaunt, N.J. Numark, and A.G. Adamantiades. August 1991.


little blue triengleDecision Making Under Uncertainty: An Option Valuation Approach to Power Planning. Energy Working Paper No. 39, by Enrique Crousillat and Spiros Martzoukos. August 1991.


little blue triengleImproving Charcoaling Efficiency in the Traditional Rural Sector. Energy Working Paper No. 38, by Charles Feinstein and Robert van der Plas. July 1991.


little blue triengleA Study of the Transfer of Petroleum Fuels Pollution. Energy Working Paper No. 37, by Kay McKeough. July 1991.


little blue triengleRadioactive Waste Management: A Background Study. Energy Working Paper No. 36, by Achilles G .Adamantiades and Spyros Traiforos.   June 1991.


little blue triengleProspects for Gas-Fueled Combined-Cycle Power Generation in the Developing Countries. Energy Working Paper No. 35, by Edwin Moore and Enrique Crousillat.   May 1991.


little blue triengleIdentifying the Basic Conditions for Economic Generation of Public Electricity from Surplus Bagasse in Sugar Mills. Energy Working Paper No. 34, by Norland C. Suzor, and P.E. Bouvet.   April 1991.


little blue trienglePrivate Sector Participation in Power through BOOT Schemes. Energy Working Paper No. 33, by John E. Besant-Jones (editor).   December 1990.


little blue triengleReview of Electricity Tariffs in Developing Countries during the 1980s.    Energy Working Paper No. 32. November 1990


little blue triengleUnderstanding the Costs and Schedules of World Bank Supported Hydroelectric Projects. Energy Working Paper No. 31, by Edward W.Merrow, Ralph F. Jr. Shangraw, Scott H.Kleinberg, Lisa A.Unterkofler, Richard Madaleno, Edward J.Ziomkoski, and Brett R.Schroeder.   July 1990.


little blue triengleRegulation, Deregulation, or Reregulation: What is Needed in LDC's Power Sector?. Energy Working Paper No. 30, by W. Teplitz-Sembitzky. July 1990.


little blue triengleInterfuel Substitution and Changes in the Way Households Use Energy: The Case of Cooking and Lighting Behavior in Urban Java.    Energy Working Paper No. 29, by Kevin B. Fitzgerald, Douglas Barnes, and Gordon McGranahan. October 1990.


little blue triengleDecommissioning of Nuclear Power Facilities. Energy Working Paper No. 28, by John Gaunt, Neil J. Numark, Achilles G. Adamantiades, and ERC Environmental Energy Services Co., Inc. April 1990.


The Status of Nuclear Power Technology: An Update. Energy Working Paper No. 27, by Spyros Traiforos, Achilles Adamantiades, and Edwin Moore. April 1990.


little blue trienglePopulation Growth, Wood Fuels, and Resource Problems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Energy Working Paper No. 26, by Douglas F. Barnes.   March 1990.


little blue triengleA Review of the Treatment of Environmental Aspects of Bank Energy Projects. Energy Working Paper No. 24, by David Butcher. March 1990.


little blue triengleSummary Data Sheets of 1987 Power and Commercial Energy Statistics for 100 Developing Countries. Energy Working Paper No. 23, by Jose R. Escay. March 1990.


little blue triengleA Review of Regulation of the Power Sectors in Developing Countries. Energy Working Paper No. 22, by Peter A. Cordukes. February 1990.


little blue triengleCapital Expenditures for Electric Power in the Developing Countries in the 1990s. Energy Working Paper No. 21, by Edwin A. Moore and George Smith. February 1990.


little blue triengleThe Malawi Charcoal Project: Experience and Lessons. Energy Working Paper No. 20, by Witold Teplitz-Sembitzky and Gerhard Zieroth. January 1990.


little blue triengleWoodfuel Supply and Environmental Management. Energy Working Paper No. 19, by Witold Teplitz-Sembitzky and Gunter Schramm. July 1989.


little blue triengleReview and Evaluation of Historic Electricity Forecasting Experience, 1960-1985. Energy Working Paper No. 18, by Arun Sanghvi, Robert Vernstrom, John Besant-Jones. June 1989.


little blue triengleIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty in Power System Planning. Energy Working Paper No. 17, by Enrique O. Crousillat. June 1989.


little blue triengleFuelwood Stumpage: Considerations for Developing Country Energy Planning. Energy Working Paper No. 16, by Keith Openshaw and Charles Feinstein. June 1989.


little blue triengleThe Future Role of Hydropower in Developing Countries. Energy Working Paper No. 15, by John Besant-Jones.  April 1989.


little blue triengleFinancing of the Energy Sector in Developing Countries. Energy Working Paper No. 14, by Anthony A. Churchill and Robert J. Saunders. April 1989.


little blue triengleDomestic Energy Pricing Policies. Energy Working Paper No. 13, by Rangaswamy Vedavalli. April 1989.


little blue triengleRecent Developments in the U.S. Power Sector and their Relevance for the Developing Countries. Energy Working Paper No. 12, by Mohan Munasinghe and Arun Sanghvi.  February 1989.


little blue triengleTechnology Survey Report on Electric Power Systems. Energy Working Paper No. 11, by Lionel O. Barthold. February 1989.


little blue trienglePromoting Investment for Natural Gas Exploration and Production in Developing Countries. Energy Working Paper No. 10, by Basil N. Petrou.   January 1989.


little blue triengleCurrent International Gas Trade and Prices.  Energy Working Paper No. 9, by Kay McKeough. November 1988.


little blue triengleA Visual Overview of the World Oil Markets. Energy Working Paper No. 8, by Kay McKeough, Jose Escay, and Sompheap Sem. July 1988.


little blue triengleRecent World Bank Activities in Energy. Energy Working Paper No. 7. October 1989


little blue triengleA Comparison of Lamps for Domestic Lighting in Developing Countries. Energy Working Paper No. 6, by Robert van der Plas and A. B. de Graaff. June 1988.


little blue triengleImpact of Lower Oil Prices on Renewable Energy Technologies. Energy Working Paper No. 5, by Ernesto Terrado, Matthew Mendis, and Kevin Fitzgerald. May 1988.


little blue triengleImproving Power System Efficiency in the Developing Countries through Performance Contracting. Energy Working Paper No. 4, by Philip Yates. May 1988.


little blue triengleSome Considerations in Collecting Data on Household Energy Consumption. Energy Working Paper No. 3, by J. Leitman. March 1988.


little blue triengleReview of World Bank Lending for Electric Power. Energy Working Paper No. 2, by Mohan Munasinghe, Joseph Gilling, and Melody Mason. March 1988.


little blue triengleEnergy Issues in the Developing World.  Energy Working Paper No. 1, by Mohan Munasinghe and Robert J. Saunders. February 1988.


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