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Discussion and Technical Papers

Discussion and Technical papers are archived World Bank publication series - In October 2002, they were replaced by Working Papers series presented on the World Bank Papers page.


Unless otherwise stated, the findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in the papers are entirely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank or the governments they represent.



  World Bank Discussion Papers

little blue triengleLessons from the Independent Private Power Experience in Pakistan (170k pdf). Discussion Paper No. 14, by Julia M. Fraser. May 2005.


little blue triengleFostering Competition in China's Power Markets.  Discussion Paper No. 416, by Noureddine Berrah, Ranjit Lamech, and Zhao Jianping.  March 2001.


little blue triengleFinancing of Private Hydropower Projects. Discussion Paper No. 420, by Chris Head. July 2000.


little blue triengleLiquefied Natural Gas in China: Options for Markets, Institutions, and Finance.  Discussion Paper No. 414, by Dean Girdis, Stratos Tavoulareas, and Ray Tomkins.  May 2000.


little blue triengleMeasuring and Apportioning Rents from Hydroelectric Power Developments. Discussion Paper No. 419, by Mitchell Rothman.  July 2000.


little blue trienglePrivate Sector and Power Generation in China.  World Bank Discussion Paper No. 406, by Zhao Jianping.  February 2000.


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  World Bank Technical Papers


little blue triengleCoping with the Cold - Heating Strategies for Eastern Europe and Central Asia ' s Urban Poor.  Technical Paper No. 529, by Julian A. Lampietti and Anke S. Meyer. January 2003.


little blue triengleBreathing Clean: Considering the Switch to Natural Gas Buses. Technical Paper No. 516, by Masami Kojima.  October 2001.


little blue triengleThe Development of Electricity Markets in the Euro-Mediterranean Area - Trends and Prospects for Liberalization and Regional Integration. Technical Paper No. 491, by Daniel Muller-Jentsch.  April 2001.


little blue triengleDistrict Energy Trends, Issues, and Opportunities: the Role of the World Bank. Technical Paper No. 493, by Carolyn Gochenour. March 2001.


little blue triengleAssessing Markets for Renewable Energy in Rural Areas of Northwestern China.  Technical Paper No. 492, by Tuntivate Voravate, Douglas F. Barnes, and Susan V. Bogach. December 2000.


little blue trienglePrivatization of the Power and Natural Gas Industries in Hungary and Kazakhstan. Technical Paper No. 451.  December 1999.


little blue triengleNon-Payment in the Electricity Sector in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.  Technical Paper No. 423, by V. Krishnaswamy. June 1999.


little blue triengleAn Environmental Study of Artisanal, Small and Medium Mining in Bolivia, Chile, and Peru.  Technical Paper No. 429, by Gary McMahon, Jose Luis Evia, Alberto Pasco-Font, and Jose Miguel Sanchez. June 1999


little blue triengleEvaporative Air-Conditioning: Applications for Environmentally Friendly Cooling.  Technical Paper No. 421, by Gert Jan Bom, Robert Foster, Ebel Dijkstra, and Marja Tummers. March 1999.


little blue triengleEnergy from Biomass: A Review of Combustion and Gassification Technologies. Technical Paper No. 422, by Peter Quaak, Harrie Knoef, and Hubert Stassen. January 1999.


little blue trienglePhasing Out Lead from Gasoline: Worldwide Experience and Policy Implications.  Technical Paper No. 397, by Magda Lovei. June 1997.


little blue triengleA Planner's Guide for Selecting Clean-Coal Technologies for Power Plants. Technical Paper No. 387, by Karin Oskarsson, Anders Berglund, Rolf Deling, Ulrika Snellman, Olle Stenback, and Jack J. Fritz. November 1997.


little blue triengleGovernance and Regulation of Power Pools and System Operators: An International Comparison.  Technical Paper No. 382, James Jr. Barker, Bernard Tenenbaum, and Fiona Woolf.  September 1997.


little blue triengleClean Fuels for Asia: Technical Options for Moving toward Unleaded Gasoline and Low-Sulfur Diesel. Technical Paper No. 377, by Michael Walsh and Jitendra J. Shah.  September 1997.


little blue triengleThe Niger Household Energy Project: Promoting Rural Fuelwood Markets and Village Management of Natural Woodlands. Technical Paper No. 362, by Gerald Foley, Willem Floor, Gérard Madon, Elhadji Mahamane Lawali, Pierre Montagne, and Kiri Tounao.  May 1997.


little blue triengleBest Practices for Photovoltaic Household Electrification Programs: Lessons from Experiences in Selected Countries. Technical Paper No. 324, by Anil Cabraal, Malcolm Cosgrove-Davies, and Loretta Schaeffer. September 1996.


little blue triengleA Mining Strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean. Technical Paper No. 345, by Peter Van der Veen, Felix Remy, John P. Williams, Bo Lundberg, and Gotthard Walser. December 1996.


little blue triengleEstimating Construction Costs and Schedules: Experience with Power Generation Projects in Developing Countries. Technical Paper No. 325, by Robert W. Bacon, John E. Besant-Jones, and Jamshid Heidarian.  August 1996


little blue triengleEnergy Use, Air Pollution, and Environmental Policy in Krakow: Can Economic Incentives Really Help?.  Technical Paper No. 308, by Seabron Adamson, Robin Bates, Robert Laslett, and Alberto Potoschnig. January 1996.


little blue trienglePhotovoltaic Applications in Rural Areas of the Developing World. Technical Paper No. 304, by Gerald Foley. January 1995.


little blue triengleClean Coal Technologies for Developing Countries.  Technical Paper No. 286, by E. Stratos Tavoulareas and Jean-Pierre Charpentier.  January 1995.


little blue triengleThe Case for Solar Energy Investments.  Technical Paper No. 279, by Dennis Anderson and Kulsum Ahmed.  January 1995.


little blue triengleSmall-Scale Biomass Gasifiers for Heat and Power: a Global Review.  Technical Paper No.296, by Hubert E. Stassen. October 1995.


little blue triengleAir Quality Management: Considerations for Developing Countries. Technical Paper No. 278, by Lakdasa Wijetilleke and Suhashini A. R. Karunaratne. April 1995.


little blue triengleTechnological Development and Pollution Abatement: A Case Study of How Enterprises are Finding Alternatives to Cholorofluoro-Carbons. Technical Paper No. 271, by Kulsum Ahmed. April 1995.


little blue triengleA Survey of Asia's Energy Prices.  Technical Paper No. 248, by Anil K. Malhotra, Olivier Koenig, and Prasert Sinsukprasert. November 1994.


little blue triengleSolar Energy: Lessons from the Pacific Island Experience.  Technical Paper No. 244, by Andres Liebenthal, Subodh Mathur, and Herbert Wade.  May 1994.


little blue triengleImproving Electric Power Utility Efficiency. Technical Paper No. 243, by Christoph Menke and P. Gregory Fazzari.  May 1994.


little blue triengleWhat Makes People Cook with Improved Biomass Stoves?: A Comparative International Review of Stove Programs.  Technical Paper No. 242, by Douglas F Barnes, Keith Openshaw, Kirk R Smith, and Robert van der Plas. May 1994.


little blue triengleRenewable Energy Technologies: A Review of the Status and Costs of Selected Technologies.  Technical Paper No. 240, by Kulsum Ahmed. January 1994.


little blue triengleStrategy for African Mining. Technical Paper No.181. March 1993.


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