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Energy Lecture Series 2005

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The Energy Anchor Division is pleased to announce the FY05 Energy Lecture Series featuring leading energy practitioners.


"Financing Hydropower Development in Emerging Power Markets: Lessons of Experience from Brazil."  January 24, 2005.

Presenters: Mr. Christian Biebuyck, Tractebel EGI, Belgium
Mr. Mauricio Bähr, TractebelEnergia S.A., Brazil


Hydropower production currently accounts for about 19% (2,650 TWh/year) of global electricity supply, and available capacity is concentrated in high-income countries, where over 70% of economically viable hydropower prospects have already been developed. The remaining economically exploitable hydropower potential is 5,400 TWh/year, about 90% of which is located in the developing country clients of the World Bank Group.


Messrs. Biebuyck and Bahr of Tractebel EGI shared private investors' insights on: (a) the specificities of arranging financing for hydropower projects; (b) critical success factors in developing hydropower facilities in emerging power markets; and (c) the key challenges to be faced under public-private partnerships.


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"Deploying Renewable Energy Systems - Lessons from South Asia and Latin America."  March 28, 2005.

Presenters: Albrecht Kaupp (GTZ - India Energy Programme) and Bernhard Boesl (GTZ - Latin America Energy Programme)

This Energy Lecture was intended to compare and contrast emerging lessons of expeirience from GTZ-supported initiatives to scale-up the deployment of renewable energy systems in South Asia and Latin America. The lecturers presented case studies in both regions and highlighted critical success factors for replication elsewhere.


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"Political Economy of Regional Power Markets - Testing Times in the Nordic Power Market".  May 11, 2005,

Presenter: Kjell Roland, Director, ECON Center for Economic Analysis, Norway

This Energy Lecture highlights the outcomes of a "stock-taking" exercise conducted on the Nordic Power Market, following over 10 years of regulatory reform and corporate restructuring activities. The lecture will delineate lessons of experience on the political economy aspects of power market liberalization in this Nordic success story.


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