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This site is maintained by the Energy, Transport and Water Department in the Sustainable Development Vice Presidency. It brings together all the information about the World Bank Group’s energy work.


The World Bank Group’s energy work helps developing countries achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve access to clean, modern and affordable energy services for their poor.
  • Achieve sustainability in the environmental, financial, and fiscal aspects of their energy sectors.

The World Bank supports these objectives through targeted interventions and assistance across the full spectrum of public and private provision of energy services. Please see the Portfolio at a Glancepage for more information on Bank lending.


The World Bank regional units are responsible for implementing individual energy projects through loans and credits to the governments of the client countries. They are supported by the Infrastructure Network. In addition, where country and project creditworthiness is sufficient, the International Finance Corporation (IFC)issues loans and equity, and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)provides guarantees to catalyze private investment in the sector.

The World Bank Group's Energy Program
 adopted a comprehensive approach to the sector development, based on four priorities:

  • Helping the poor directly
  • Improving macroeconomic and fiscal balances, including protecting budgets for social programs that help the poor
  • Promoting good governance and private sector development
  • Protecting the environment

To produce the greatest impact, the World Bank Group combines financing for energy supply reforms that meet these priorities with advice and knowledge transfer.


For a short overview of the Energy Program, please read Sustainable Energy Brief. For more information on World Bank energy lending portfolio, please visit the Projectspage.



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