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Portfolio at a Glance

IBRD/IDA Lending portfolio: In fiscal year '05 the total of World Bank lending for energy projects in all regions was US$1.9 billion compared to $1.1 billion in fiscal year '04.

Over the past nine years (FY97-FY05), the distribution of energy lending by region was: Europe and Central Asia (ECA) - 28%, East Asia and the Pacific (EAP) - 27%, South Asia (SAR) - 19%, Africa (AFR) - 15%, Latin America and the Caribbean (LCR) - 8% and Middle East and North Africa (MNA) - 3%.




Over the past nine years (FY97-FY05), the distribution of energy lending by sub-sector was: Power (generation, transmission and distribution of conventional electricity) - 61%, Mining (including mine closure) - 12%, Oil and Gas - 8%, District Heating & Energy Efficiency - 6%, Renewable Energy - 5%, and other energy sub-sectors - 7%.




If you need more information on a particular project, please visit World Bank's  Projects & Operations page. Tip: the quickest way to search is by using the advanced search function by selecting energy and mining under the 'major sector' category. You can also find information on recent loans and credits in the energy and mining sector.


IFC Lending: The International Finance Corporation’s (IFC’s) lending during fiscal year 2004 was $340 million net commitments in 7 oil and gas projects and $239 million in 4 power projects.

MIGA Guarantees: The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) provided guarantees for five energy projects in fiscal year 2004, for a total value of $186.1 million.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Since 1990, the World Bank Group often with GEF leverage has been the largest lender for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the developing nations, investing more than $6 billion in Bank-managed resources and mobilizing more than $10 billion from other public and private sources. Since the setting up of the Prototype Carbon Fund in 2000 the carbon finance business of the WBG has grown strongly. At the International Conference for Renewable Energies in Bonn in June 2004 the WBG announced that it will commit to an average growth rate of 20 percent per year over the next five years in its annual financial commitments for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. 


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