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Energy Week 2000

Energy and the Poor: What’s the Recipe?


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Energy Week, the annual gathering of World Bank energy staff, took place on April 13-20, 2000. As in previous years, it provided a forum for energy staff to network with each other and with a broad spectrum of professionals from outside the institution. Central to the discussions were the key issues of how to reach the estimated two billion people with no access to modern energy, and how to ensure that reforms to promote greater efficiency and to reduce environmental impact contribute to their welfare rather than pass them by, or even worsen their position.


The issues were explored in a series of debates with the issues framed as proposals which debating teams composed of three or four members defended and opposed. Click here  for the Rapporteurs' summaries.


Energy and Development Report 2000: Energy Services for the World's Poor   which was launched during Energy Week, also served to inform the debates. This publication is intended to cast light - and provoke debate - on the tough questions that must be answered in order to develop energy sector policies that play a positive and sustainable role in the battle against poverty: How should a developing country government, concerned with tackling poverty among its citizens, think about its role in the energy sector? Do energy policies and projects have a positive role to play in alleviating poverty? If they do, what kinds of policies and projects are likely to have the most beneficial - and sustainable - impact? Where should energy sector policy advisers, concerned with promoting development and improving the lot of the poor, focus their efforts?



Rapporteurs' Summaries


Opening and Welcome  (pdf).


The Emerging Energy Sector Strategy of the World Bank Group (pdf).


Debate A: (pdf) Should we concentrate only projects oriented towards facilitating access to energy for the poor?


Debate B: (pdf) Has energy sector reform to date neglected the poor?


Debate C: (pdf) Does energy sector reform harm the environment?


Debate D: (pdf) Is expanding access to modern energy (especially electricity) the right support for the poor or should we rather enlarge the options in improving traditional energies?


Panel Discussion: Corruption in the Energy Sector: What is the Role of the World Bank Group?  (pdf).


Panel Discussion: How Can We do a Better Job Facilitating Access? (pdf).


CONCLUSION: (pdf). "What's the Recipe?"


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