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Energy Week 1999

The Global Shakeout


Speakers, Moderators and Session Leaders  |    Final Agenda 


Energy Week is the annual three day meeting of the World Bank Group's energy staff and invited outside participants. The theme this year was  the "The Global Shakeout". The goal was to discuss and assess the impact of the global financial crisis on the energy sector, and look at ways in which The World Bank Group can:

  • Better facilitate cooperation with the private sector;
  • Ensure the sustainability of economic growth through clean and efficient energy use; and
  • Provide better access to energy for the poor.



The views published are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the World Bank or any of its affiliated organizations.


Talking points for the opening speech (pdf). Nemat T. Shafik, Vice President, Infrastructure & Private Sector Development, The World Bank.


Energy Reform in the Global Financial Crisis (pdf). Thomas Boren, President & CEO, Southern Energy, Inc.


Opening Session of the World Bank Energy Week 99 (pdf). Gérard Mestrallet, Pres. of the Executive Board Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux.


Energy and the Environment after Kyoto and Buenos Aires (pdf). José Goldemberg, Instituto de Eletrotecnica e Energia Universidade de Sao Paulo.


Impact of the Financial Crisis in the Development of the Energy Sector: A Client's point of view (pdf). Piyasvasti Amranand, Secretary General National Energy Policy Council, Thailand.


Impact of the Emerging Market Crises on Power Sector Investment and Financing (pdf). James Scruby, Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Ltd.


Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Energy Sector: A Developer's Perspective (pdf). Robert Kay, Executive Vice President,  GMS Power Public Co. Ltd.


The Role of the Private Sector in Increased Rural Access (pdf). Gernot Oswald, Managing Director, SSG GF Siemens Solar GmbH.


Living with $10 oil (pdf). Chris Gibson-Smith, Man. Dir.and Exec. VP, Policy & Technolgy, BP/Amoco.


Privatization Strategies in Electricity Distribution (pdf). Mangesh Hoskote, Power Sector Specialist, Energy Unit, EMT Dept.


The Global Energy Shakeout: "Strategies for Privatizing Distribution" (pdf). John Dingle, Vice President, REED Consulting.


EDENOR: Community Empowerment and Loss Reduction Strategy (pdf). Marc Riutort, Chief Executive Officer, EDENOR, Argentina.


Rural Development and the (Renewable) Energy Linkage (pdf). Tom Wiens, Lead Specialist Environmentally & Socially Sustainable Development Unit Latin America & Carib. Region. The World Bank.


Best of Both Worlds (pdf). Karl Jechoutek, Senior Adviser, Knowledge Manager, EMT Dept. The World Bank.


Building Local Capacity in Rural and Renewable Energy: Emerging Lessons from Sri Lanka (pdf). Jayantha Nagendran, Assistant General Manager, Resource & Planning, DFCC Bank.


E&Co Experience Base (pdf). Phil LaRocco, Senior Adviser, E & Co.


Widening Access to Rural Energy Services in Africa: Looking to the Future (pdf). Youba Sokona, Head, Energy & Environment Program, ENDA.


Potential of the Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms to Mobilize Resouces for the Development of Clean Energy  (pdf). Kenneth Newcombe, Sr. Advisor, Environment Department. The World Bank.


Energy for the 21st Century  (pdf). Christopher Flavin, Senior Vice-President, World Watch Institute.


A Positive Contribution from Coal  (pdf). Ron Knapp, Chief Executive, World Coal Institute. (Speech and presentation)


Synergies and Trade-Offs in Addressing Transport-Related Local and Global Pollutant Emissions - the Case of Mexico City  (pdf). Adrian Fernandez-Bremauntz, Director General de Gestion y Informacion Ambiental. Instituto Nacional de Ecologia, Mexico.


Gas and Electricity Sector Convergence: Economic Policy Implications  (pdf). Jeff Makholm, Vice-President, National Economic Research Assoc. Inc.


Development of a Regional Energy Market in the Mekong Area  (pdf). Piyasvasti Amranand, Secretary General, National Energy Policy Council, Thailand.


Southern African Power Pool: the Role of the SAPP in the Development, Integration, Financing and Privatisation of Power in Southern Africa  (pdf). Francis Masawi, Transmission Director, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority.


Regulatory Issues in Gas and Electricity Convergence  (pdf). Marie Rounding, President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association.


Market Power and its Mitigation (pdf). Steven Stoft, Senior Consultant, The Brattle Group.


Mitigation of Market Power in a Liberalized Sector: Regulatory Issues  (pdf). Carolyn Berry, Office of Economic Policy, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, USA.


Market Surveillance in a Competitive Electricity Market Lessons from California  (pdf). Frank Wolak, Department of Economics, Stanford University.


Financing of End-Use Energy Efficiency Investment  (pdf). Robert Taylor, Principal Financial Analyst East Asia Energy Unit. The World Bank.


China Energy Conservation Investment - Experience and Development  (pdf). BAI Rongchun, Director General Dept. of Energy Conservation & Resource Utilization, China.


Energy Efficiency in Brazil: Main Results, Financing Aspects and Future Trends (pdf). Jorge A. Boueri da Rocha, Asst. Dir. for Operations ELETROBRAS, Brazil.


World Bank Group: Financing Instruments for Private Investment  (pdf). Andrew Bartley, Investment Officer. The International Finance Corporation.


Intervention du Secteur Privé dans les Infrastructures de Production Electrique  (pdf). Driss Benhima, Directeur General. Office National de l'Electricite, Morocco.


Viewpoints of the Friends of the Earth International Network (pdf). James Barnes, Counselor. Friends of the Earth International (France)


Achim Steiner (pdf). Secretary General, World Commission on Dams, South Africa.


Speech for Energy Week (pdf). Peter Woicke, Executive Vice President (IFC) and Managing Director (World Bank).


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