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Renewable Energy for Development


Over the last two decades, the World Bank Group has been helping partner countries take advantage of opportunities to improve the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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12/07/2007 - The report, "Technical and Economic Assessment of Off-grid, Mini-grid and Grid Electrification Technologies" compares the economics and commercial readiness of various technologies, from a 50 W solar home system to a 500 MW power coal-fired plant. To obtain a paper copy, email giving your name, affiliation and mailing address.

12/01/07 -  A new publication jointly produced by the IFC and World Bank provides a detailed look at how these organizations are fostering increased private sector investment in clean energy technologies and services.  The report, "Catalyzing Private Investment for a Low-Carbon Economy - World Bank Group Progress on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Fiscal 2007" documents the increase in World Bank Group (WBG) lending for clean energy in Fiscal Year 2007 (July 2006-July 2007).  During that period, clean energy funding jumped by two-thirds to US$1.43 billion -- 40 percent of total WBG energy-related lending.  Noting that the total resources of the WBG are extremely modest relative to the scale of investment required to meet the growing demand for energy in developing countries, the report focuses on examples of IFC and World Bank projects that are helping to transform markets and leverage much greater private sector investment in clean energy.  Numerous case studies and detailed supporting information are provided in chapters focused on solar energy, energy efficiency investments, and sustainable hydropower.  The publication can be downloaded free of charge. To obtain hard copies, send an e-mail with mailing address to  For a summary, please see Accelerating the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy


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