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Energy Week Presentations & Videos



Chair: Kathy Sierra, Vice President, World Bank

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Chair: Professor Paul Stevens, Center for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy,  University of Dundee, UK

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Chair: Bob Watson, Chief Scientist and Senior Advisor, World Bank

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Chair: Kathy Sierra, Vice President, World Bank


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Chair: Olav Kjorven, Director, Energy and Environment Group, UNDP


Discussants: H.E. Hamed Diane Semega, Minister of Energy and Water, Mali and H.E. Albert Butare, Minister of Energy and Telecommunications, Rwanda

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Chairs:  Jamal Saghir, Director, World Bank & JoAnne DiSano, Director of Sustainable Development, UN & Head of CSD Secretariat

  • Remarks - JoAnne DiSano, Director Division for Sustainable Development, United Nations & & Head of CSD Secretariat
  • Remarks - Claudia A. McMurray, Assistant Secretary, Oceans, Environment & Science, US Department of State. See also web
  • Dual Crises of Modern Energy  - H.E. Butare, Minister of State for Energy & Telecommunications, Rwanda
  • Closing Remarks by Kathy Sierra, Vice President, World Bank

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Financing of Energy Efficiency – Robert Taylor and Russell Sturm (Moderators), World Bank

Implementing Renewable Energy Projects – Anil Cabraal (Moderator) and Raihan Elahi (Moderator), World Bank; M. Fouzul Kabir Khan, CEO, Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (IDCOL); Jayantha Nagendran, Vice President, DFCC Bank; Victor Russo, Manager, Renewable Energy in Rural Markets Project; Xiaodong Wang, World Bank

Natural Gas: the Bridging Fuel in the Next Decades – Rashad Kaldany (Moderator), IFC; Marcel Kramer, Chairman and CEO, Gasunie; Bent R. Svensson, World Bank; P. Banerjee, Chairman and Managing Director, GAIL; Franz Gerner, World Bank

SMEs for Decentralized Energy Service Provision – Ananda Covindassamy (Moderator), World Bank; Richard Hansen, CEO, Soluz, Inc.; Loyda Alonso, General Manager, Soluz Honduras; Mr. S. Chandrasekhar, Managing Director, Bhoruka Power Company; Eric Usher, Deputy Coordinator, Energy Branch, UNEP

Low Cost Technologies for Rural Electrification – Ralph Karhammar (Moderator), World Bank; Jabesh Amissah-Arthur, Managing Partner, Arthur Energy Advisors; Moncef Aissa, Head, Department of Standardization and Specification of Electricity Distribution Equipment, STEG; João Catine, Project Manager, EDM; Ian Davies, Campbell Davies Consulting


Potential for Biofuels in Developing Countries – Bill Ward (Moderator), Director, Center for International Trade, Clemson University; Todd Johnson and Masami Kojima, World Bank; Eric Larson, Research Engineer, Princeton University; José Nilton de Souza Vieira, Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil.

Clean Energy and Sustainable Development – Bob Dixon, IEA Secretariat & Sue
Goldmark (Moderators), World Bank Dr. Richard Bradley, Head, Environment and Energy Efficiency Division, IEA; Dr. Jacek Podkanski, Senior Specialist, Energy Technology Cooperation Division, IEA; Otaviano Canuto and Junhui Wu, World Bank; Dr. Jayant Sathaye,Senior Scientise & Group Leader, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The Role of Geographical Information Systems in Social Mitigation and Poverty
 – Raghu Sharma (Moderator) and Sanjay Sinha, World Bank

Setting Rural Tariffs – A Case Study of Peru   – Susan Bogach & Demetrios Papathanasiou (Moderators), World Bank; Eduardo Zolezzi, former World Bank staff and former regulator in Peru; Miguel Juan Revolo Acevedo, Manager of Distribution Regulation, OSINERG

Clean Energy Finance and Private Equity Funds – Dana Younger (Moderator), IFC;
John H. Northrup, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Econergy International/CleanTech Fund; A. Stephen Probyn, President, Chief Executive Officer and Manager Trustee, Clean Energy Income Fund/Renewable Energy Generation Ltd.; Christine Eibs Singer, Deputy Executive Director, E&Co/CAREC; George Sorenson, Chairman, FE Clean Energy Group

Power Generation & Low Carbon Technologies – Stratos Tavoulareas & Masaki Takahashi (Moderators), World Bank; Raymond Baumgartner, Director, 60 Hz Reference Power Plants, Siemens Power Generation; Manfried Wilhelm Kruska, Senior Director, Power Supply Systems and Turnkey Solutions, Siemens Germany; Timothy J. Richards, Director, International Energy, General Electric; Dr. Jacek Podkanski, Senior Energy Technology Specialist, International Energy Agency

Gender and Energy – Dominique Lallement, World Bank and Sheila Oparaocha (Moderators), Coordinator, ENERGIA; Shigeo Katsu, World Bank; Elizabeth Cecelski, Technical Adviser for Research and Advocacy, ENERGIA; Feri Lumampao, Researcher, Asian Alliance of Appropriate Technology Practitioners; Anne-Charlotte Malm, Head, Energy, Infrastructure Department, SIDA; Prof. Anoja Wickramasinghe, University of Peradeniya; Dr. May Sengendo, Researcher, East African Energy Technology Development Network Uganda; Youssou Lo, National Coordinator of PROGEDE

Beyond traditional finance - Using IBRD Structured Finance for Risk Mitigation in the Energy Sector – Peter Thomson (Moderator), World Bank; Ananda Covindassamy and Issam Abousleiman, World Bank

Meet the Rural Electrification Pioneers: How Were Institutional Problems Resolved in Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Tunisia and the USA – Kathy Alison (Moderator), Senior Consultant/Workshop Facilitator, Training Resources Group; Dan Waddle, NRECA, Intl; Misael Monge, Retired General Manager of COOPESANTOS Electric Cooperative; Ahmed Ounalli; Director of Strategy, Tunisia Electricity and Gas Company; Sabihuddin Ahmed, First Chairman of Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board.; Paul Wolman, National Education Association

Strengthening Governance in the Power Sector – Richard Stern (Moderator), World
Bank; Jon Stern, Associate Director, London Business School; Navroz Dubash, The National Institute for Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi, India; Smita Nakhooda, Associate, World Resources Institute

Coping with Higher Oil Prices    – Charles McPherson (Moderator), World Bank; Robert Bacon and Masami Kojima, World Bank; David Coady, IMF

Output-Based Aid in Energy: Reaching the Poor through Innovative Solutions – Patricia Veevers-Carter (Moderator), World Bank; Kilian Reiche, Dana Rysankova, Gevorg Sargsyan, Ani Balabanyan and Juan Payeras, IFC

Utility Benchmarking & Performance Monitoring – Prasad Tallapragada (Moderator), World Bank– G.P.Rao, Chairman (Rtd.), Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission, India; Joseph Makoju, Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria; Dan Waddle, Vice President, Operations, National Rural Electric Cooperative Agency, USA

Rehabilitation & Emission Control in Thermal Power Plants – Ruben Deza, Senior Team Leader, Clean Air Markets Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Masaki Takahashi (Moderators), World Bank; Dr. Gereon Thomas, Head, Power Stations and Thermodynamics, RWE Power AG; Jianping Zhao, Jie Tang, Varadan Atur and Stratos Tavoulareas, World Bank

Global Village Energy Partnership Action Planning and Project Implementation– Ede Ijjasz (Moderator), World Bank; Abeeku Brew-Hammond, Manager, GVEP; Justin Ntsama, Project Coordinator, Rural Electrification Agency of Cameroon; Marta Rivera, Fundacion Solar; Venkata Ramana, Managing Director, Clean Energy Group, Winrock International

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Film: "Switch" The Story of Power Sector Reform in Armenia with Denzel Hankinson; Castalia; and Gevorg Sargsyan, World Bank

Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative - Moving Forward – Charles McPherson, Michael Levitsky and Michael Lewin, World Bank


Energy and Health  – Dr. Maria Neira, Director, Department of Protection of the Human Environment, World Health Organization


Developing Large-Scale, Commercially Viable Solar Power Markets - The EMPower – Gunter Schramm, Consultant, EMPower Management Team; Frederick Morse, President, Morse Associates; Edward Kern, President, Irradiance, Inc.


Renewable Energy Toolkit - Xiadong Wang, World Bank (the Renewable Energy Toolkit: An Operational Guide for Electric Services is available at


Norway's "Oil for Development" Initiative – Mr. Morten Svelle, Deputy Director General, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)


Coal and Sustainable Development –  Preston Chiaro, Vice Chairman of the World Coal Institute. Introduction by Peter van der Veen, World Bank


Infrastructure and Energy Projects: Demonstrating the Value of Communications – The strategic role of communications in the Nam Theun 2 project in Lao PDR– Jill Wilkins and Melissa Fossberg, World Bank

Gender and Energy Panel Debate - Shigeo Katsu, World Bank (Moderator); Dominique Lallement and Jamal Saghir, World Bank; Dr. Govind Kelkar, Project Director, IFAD/UNIFEM, India; Dr. Harriette Amissah-Arthur, Director, Kumasi Institute of Technology and Environment; Ahmad Ounalli, Director, Strategic Studies, Tunisia National Electric Utility; and Sheila Oparaocha, Coordinator, ENERGIA

Domestic Energy, Environmental Governance and Gender Inequality: Paradox

and Potential –  Dr. Bina Agarwal, Professor of Economics, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi University

Capacity building Through Long-Term Partnerships: The Example of the Energy Ministry in Tanzania and the Swedish Energy Agency– Anne-Charlotte Malm, Head, Energy, Infrastructure Department, SIDA

Integrating Energy Considerations into MDG-Based National Development

Strategies – Olav Kjorven, Director, Energy and Environment Group, UNDP; Minoru Takada, Sustainable Energy Programme Specialist, Energy and Environment Group, UNDP

The Mexico GEF Large-Scale Renewable Energy Development Project andits

"Green Fund" –  Dr. Juan Mata, Director General for Environment and Technology, Mexico Ministry of Energy

NamThuen 2 Transaction Structure, Financing & Use of WB Guarantee – Suman Babbar, World Bank


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Carbon Finance in Energy Projects (World Bank Institute)

Session I: Market Overview

Neeraj Prasad (Moderator), Carbon Finance Coordinator, East Asia Region, The World Bank; Ian Carter, International Emissions Trading Association; Benoit Bosquet, Environment Department, Carbon Finance, World Bank; Rich Rosenzweig, Natsource


Session II: Carbon Finance in the Energy Sector

Neeraj Prasad (Moderator), Carbon Finance Coordinator, East Asia Region, The World Bank; Pierre Langlois, Econoler International; Adriana Filipetto, Novagerar;

Strategic Environment Assessment in the Energy Sector – Kulsum Ahmed, World

Bank (Moderator); Jean-Roger Mercier, Fernando Loayza, Sherif Arif, Tjaarda Storm van Leeuwen, Mudassar Imran and Michiko Shima, World Bank


When Regulation Doesn’t Work as Planned – Bernard Tenenbaum, World Bank(Moderator); Jon Stern, London Business School; Ashley Brown, Executive Director, Harvard Electricity Policy Group, Harvard University


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