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Nov 06, 2009$500 million infusion gives South Africa critical boost to meet ambitious clean energy goals
Nov 05, 2009Africa to Receive $1.1 billion in New Financing for Climate Action
Nov 04, 2009New Study Shows Reducing Energy Intensity is Critical in Curbing CO2 Emissions
Nov 02, 20092009 Afghanistan Economic Update
Oct 30, 2009World Bank Financing for Continued Growth, Enhanced Poverty Reduction in Botswana
Oct 29, 2009Botswana: Morupule B Generation and Transmission Project
Oct 29, 20092009 Pakistan Economic Update
Oct 28, 2009Can Job Creation Help South Asia to Escape Global Economic Crisis?
Oct 27, 20092009 Bhutan Economic Update
Oct 21, 20092009 Sri Lanka Economic Update
Oct 13, 2009Project Signing: World Bank and GOI Sign US$4.2 Billion Support for India’s Economic Stimulus and Infrastructure Investments
Sep 28, 2009Bangladesh: Low-Cost Private Power Generation
Sep 22, 2009World Bank Provides $4.3 billion to India
Sep 22, 2009India [Power Grid Corporation of India, Limited]: Fifth Power System Development Project
Sep 21, 2009Renewable biogas provides clean, affordable energy for rural households in Nepal
Sep 17, 2009Pakistan: Rural Communities Push Back Poverty
Sep 16, 2009"Climate Smart" World within Reach, Says World Bank
Sep 15, 2009Kazakhstan: Moinak Electricity Transmission Project
Sep 11, 2009Empowering rural communities to bridge income gaps in Sri Lanka
Sep 10, 2009Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Financing by World Bank Group Hits All Time High
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