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front page facesWelcome to the World Bank Group Energy Website! Here you can find information and resources on the World Bank energy strategy and policy, operational portfolio, learning events and a wide range of documents and publications on energy-related issues.

Recent Updates

little blue triengleNew! Upcoming Event: Oil Price Volatility, Economic Impacts, and Financial Management: Risk-Management Experience, Best Practice, and Outlook, Washington DC, March 10-11 2008. Cosponsored by George Washington University and the World Bank Institute (WBI). Are oil prices heading towards $150 or $50? As oil prices remain high and volatile, and global current account imbalances siden, the world economy faces heightened risks and volatility.

little blue triengleNew! January 8, 2008 -   The ESMAP report, " Technical and Economic Assessment of Off-grid, Mini-grid and Grid Electrification Technologies" compares the economics and commercial readiness of various technologies, from a 50 W solar home system to a 500 MW power coal-fired plant. Paper copies of this report can be obtained by e-mailing your name, affiliation and full mailing address to the Energy Help Desk (

little blue triengleNew!  December 1, 2007 -  A new publication jointly produced by the IFC and World Bank provides a detailed look at how these organizations are fostering increased private sector investment in clean energy technologies and services.  The report, "Catalyzing Private Investment for a Low-Carbon Economy - World Bank Group Progress on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Fiscal 2007" documents the increase in World Bank Group (WBG) lending for clean energy in Fiscal Year 2007 (July 2006-July 2007).  During that period, clean energy funding jumped by two-thirds to US$1.43 billion -- 40 percent of total WBG energy-related lending. To obtain a paper copy, email energyhelpdesk giving your name, affiliation and mailing address.  For a summary, please see Accelerating the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

little blue triengle   Closing the Electricity Supply-Demand Gap (25mb pdf), Energy and Mining Sector Board Discussion Paper No. 20 by Venkataraman Krishnasawamy and Gary Stuggins. The investment needs of the power sector in the developing countries are immense and growing. The recent surge in oil prices will push up the investments costs even higher. In this context, the present study reviews the experience of nine developing countries focusing on the factors that enabled some countries to close the demand-supply gap in the power sector, as well as the factors that inhibited progress in others. Based on the case study approach, the study identifies six key lessons, which should be of interest to those engaged in the electricity business in the developing countries and to the World Bank staff in their attempt to close the widening gap between demand and supply.

little blue triengle  Lighting Africa:  A joint, World Bank, IFC initiative aimed at providing up to 250 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa with access to non-fossil fuel based, low cost, safe, and reliable lighting products with associated basic energy services by the year 2030. 


Dec 03, 2009Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Infrastructure Projects:
Oct 22, 2009Stockholm - European Development Days 2009


Nov 06, 2009$500 million infusion gives South Africa critical boost to meet ambitious clean energy goals
Nov 05, 2009Africa to Receive $1.1 billion in New Financing for Climate Action

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