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Nov 06, 2009$500 million infusion gives South Africa critical boost to meet ambitious clean energy goals
Nov 05, 2009Africa to Receive $1.1 billion in New Financing for Climate Action
Nov 04, 2009New Study Shows Reducing Energy Intensity is Critical in Curbing CO2 Emissions
Oct 30, 2009World Bank Financing for Continued Growth, Enhanced Poverty Reduction in Botswana
Sep 10, 2009Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Financing by World Bank Group Hits All Time High
Sep 08, 2009Haiti: WB Approves US$5 Million Grant for Electricity Services
Aug 05, 2009World Bank Provides Support to Increase Access to Electricity in Rural Bangladesh
Aug 04, 2009World Bank Provides Support to Improve Electricity Supply in Haryana
Jul 01, 2009World Bank Approves Additional Grant of US$180 Million for the Southern African Power Market Project
Jun 26, 2009Global Environment Facility Funds Benin Energy Efficiency Project
Jun 24, 2009Improving Access to Modern Energy in Benin
Jun 19, 2009Mali Energy Sector Boosted with $120 Million of World Bank Support to Increase Access and Efficiency
Jun 18, 2009World Bank Supports Modernization of Old, Polluting Coal-fired Power Plants in India to Lower Carbon Emissions
Jun 18, 2009World Bank Provides More Support to Power Development in Nepal
Jun 10, 2009Cote d'Ivoire: World Bank US$50 Million Power Grant Seeks to Improve Post-Crisis Energy System
Jun 02, 2009Togo: World Bank Assists with Infrastructure Rehabilitation
May 28, 2009Togo: Global Environment Facility Grant for Efficient Lighting in the City of Lomé
May 28, 2009Benin: Global Environment Facility Grant for an Energy Efficiency Project
May 28, 2009Turkey Receives World Bank and First-Ever Clean Technology Fund Financing for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program
May 28, 2009World Bank Supports Belarus Energy Efficiency Program with $125 Million Loan
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