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In response to demand from developing countries, World Bank Group financing for energy projects has been strong in recent years, reaching US$8.2 billion in fiscal year 2011. Our energy projects seek to increase energy access, develop renewable energy and energy efficiency, and leverage private sector participation in energy generation, transmission and distribution including through effective public-private partnership arrangements. The numbers in this table were drawn from a review of WBG energy financing undertaken in 2011.

Table 1: World Bank Group Energy Portfolio by Financing Source, FY2007-FY2011 (US$ Millions)
World Bank2,1374,7786,64810,3676,0645,634
Climate Finance3287333363619100301
Total Energy Financing3,8627,6708,33212,9478,1818,177
1 IBRD: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
2 IDA: International Development Association
3 Climate Finance: Includes Carbon Finance, the Clean Technology Fund, the Global Environment Facility and the Program for Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries.

4 Others: These include Guarantees, Special Financing and Recipient-Executed activities.
5 IFC: The International Finance Corporation provides loans, equity, and technical assistance to stimulate private sector investment in developing countries.
6 MIGA: The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) provides guarantees against losses caused by non-commercial risks to investors in developing countries.
Table 2: World Bank Group Energy Portfolio by Region, FY2007-FY2011 (US$ Millions)
Sub-Saharan Africa1,2241,2611,7545,2811,1561,813
East Asia and the Pacific2511,5051,2299902,116968
Europe and Central Asia5181,1942,2951,1822,3842,331
Latin America and the Caribbean4891,1578011,9481,331551
Middle East and North Africa3683608061,05067748
South Asia9472,1581,4462,4951,0621,710
Multi-Region Projects76535--6455
Total Energy Financing3,8627,6708,33212,9478,181
7 Multi region projects are those with components in more than one region.

Table 3: World Bank Group Energy Portfolio by Sector, FY2007-FY2011 (US$ Millions)
Energy Efficiency7531,5211,6851,8021,5511,353
Renewable Energy88401,4711,6781,9052,9773,615
New Thermal Generation93641,0879874,287290690
Other Energy107171,0151,7022,0191,7831,369
Transmission and Distribution4581,6501,2042,2081,397270
Upstream Oil, Gas, Coal7299721,076725182880
Total Energy Financing3,8627,6708,33212,9478,1818,177
Total Low Carbon111,7613,3383,3635,5845,9375,480
Total Access129051,7842,2011,0201,0311,499
8 Includes hydropower.
9 New Thermal Generation includes all new fossil-fuel power plants, including new high efficiency fossil-fuel power plants
super- and ultra- critical power plants).
10 Other Energy includes energy policy support and technical assistance projects.
11 Low Carbon projects include renewable energy projects, energy efficiency projects, and projects that support increased use of cleaner fuels to displace more carbon intensive ones.
12 Access includes projects aimed at increasing access to electricity services.
11, 12 These categories are not mutually exlusive, as some projects are classified as blended Low Carbon and Access.

For complete World Bank Group energy project classifications and definitions, please click here (pdf, 210KB).

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