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Financial Sector Topics

AMLbuttonFinancial Market Integrity
The global agenda to curb money laundering and the financing of terrorism calls for a cooperative approach  among many different international bodies. The World Bank helps client countries strengthen defenses against the destructive activities and consequences of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

icon t brmBanking
Banking systems are an important area of focus in our work with client countries on improving their financial systems. In many countries banks are the primary form of financial intermediary, and as such are the largest repository for the public's savings, the main source of external credit to firms, and the key actor in the payments system.

CRMButtonInsurance and Pensions
Capital Markets are an integral part of the financial system, providing efficient delivery mechanisms for savings mobilization and allocation, risk and liquidity management, and corporate governance. In addition, they facilitate government debt management, the conduct of monetary policy and provide a channel for privatization. Capital markets can also be a driving force for and benefit from the development of institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, and mutual funds), efforts in fiscal decentralization and the development of mortgage markets.

icon t hfHousing Finance
Housing is a basic requirement that still remains unsatisfied in many countries. The goal of the World Bank is to help client countries etablish, reform or develop market-based systems that are able to cater to a large portion of the demand and that enable governments to focus on the neediest groups. The multi-disciplinary nature of the work requires collaboration with the urban development, housing and land department in the World Bank operations.

icon t ifsAccess to Finance
Inclusive financial systems significantly raise growth, alleviate poverty and expand economic opportunity. Finance can strongly affect the attainability of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – inclusive finance refers to direct access of poor people to financial services.

icon t psfPayments and Remittances
The World Bank is actively supporting the design, development, testing and implementation of comprehensive payments system reform initiatives in a variety of developing and transitional economies, through a combination of technical assistance and lending operations.

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