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BRCA Reports

The Financial Market Integrity Group has conducted a series of studies on Bilateral Remittance Corridor Analysis (BRCA). Thirteen reports are available to the public.


Each focuses on a specific corridor involving two or more countries, with analysis of:

·         The anatomy of remittance senders and recipients along the corridor and their incentives to choose between the available alternative channels

·         The players involved in the markets at each end of the corridor, and the competitive dynamics among them

·         The regulatory framework implemented on each market, and its impact on remittance service providers and users


By addressing the specific features of each channel, the aim is to provide policy recommendations addressing countries involved, but also to draw valuable lessons applicable in other settings.


The published reports vary not only based on the chosen corridor, but also with reference to the structure of the corridor and the actors involved in each project:


The first two studies were commissioned by Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), within its initiative on Alternative Remittance Services: 

Eight of the reports are on studies conducted and financed upon the initiative of the World Bank:

Three reports were initiated and financed by the Government of Netherlands. The reports were conducted based on the BRCA Research Guidelines compiled by the Group.

The Group is working on a new study:

  • South Korea-Mongolia

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