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Remittance Prices Worldwide Database
This website provides data on the cost of sending and receiving small amounts of money from one country to another.  New data available (March 2012). The database is available in English, Arabic, Chiniese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.



Remittance Market Outlook
The flow of funds from migrant workers back to their families in their home country is an important source of income in many developing economies. The recipients often depend on remittances to cover day-to-day living expenses, to provide a cushion against emergencies or, in some cases, as funds for making small investments.

Remittances Activities and Projects
The World Bank enjoys a leading role in much of the global work on remittances. Part of this work relates to the payment system aspects of remittances and is organized around the internationally agreed framework set by the WB-CPSS General Principles for International Remittance Services.





New article We need to fix the leaks in remittance transfer systems around the world by Massimo Cirasino


New Guidance Report for the Implementation of the CPSS-World Bank General Principles for International Remittance Services




Blog: 5x5 = US$16 billion in the pockets of migrants sending money home

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>G20 Leaders Declaration -Cannes 2011 
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