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Non-Bank Financial Institutions

HIGHLIGHT: 2012 Reports on Low Cost Green Housing

HIGHLIGHT: NBFI Program Description Package

Non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), such as insurance companies, housing finance providers, pension funds and investment funds mobilize savings, provide market-based safety nets, and fund long-term investments to support growth and job creation. The World Bank promotes the development of sound and accessible NBFIs across emerging markets and developing countries.

Service Line Introduction (PDF Document)



  • Housing Finance

    The housing finance group aims to establish sustainable, efficient, secure and market-based housing finance systems, to create mechanisms allowing lenders to raise long-term resources for lending in local currency, and to support increased access to housing and housing finance for the poor.

  • Insurance

    The insurance group aims to develop insurance market infrastructure and new products, to strengthen regulatory and supervisory capacity in particular move to risk-based supervision, support initiatives to improve consumer protection, and support the development of professional capacity through training.

  • Pensions

    The pension group aims to assist countries in building sustainable and fair pension systems, in coordination with the HD network, to put pension funds to work, and to bridge the knowledge gap between policy work and academia.

  • Investment Funds

    The investment fund group is a joint group between the NBFI and Capital Markets and Corporate Governance Service Lines that aims to support the development of mutual funds, private equity funds, infrastructure funds and sovereign wealth funds.

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