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Global Remittances Working Group





Global Remittances Working Group
The World Bank leads the GLOBAL REMITTANCES WORKING GROUP (GRWG) to coordinate at international level the work on remittances. More including group structure>>


5X5 Objective
The 5x5 objective aims to reduce the global average costs of transferring remittances from the present 10% to 5% in 5 years.


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Blue arrowUpcoming! Xl GRWG Meeting. Tokyo, Japan. October 14, 2012. | More events 


Blue arrow X GRWG Spring Meeting. Washington D.C. April 20, 2012.

Blue arrow2011 G20 Cannes Summit  Development Working Group Report | Full Text 

Blue arrowThe G20 Seoul Summit Leaders’ Declaration. November 11-12, 2010 | Full Text

Blue arrowThe 7 Recommendations on "Remittances" | Full Text 

Blue arrowG8 Statement Summit announcement on the importance of facilitating remittance flows given their developmental impact. | Full Text



Improving data collection, standardization of migration and remittances questionnaires & modules in household surveys and censuses, collaboration with other institutional efforts to improve data on migration. More Info >.>


Migration & Development 
Interconnections with migration and development and policy.

More Info >>



Payment & Market Infrastructure
Implementation of the General Principles for International Remittances Services, monitoring of remittance costs, facilitating cross-border small-value payments and cost reduction, clarification of AML-CFT regulation, regional payment systems, and More Info >>


Access to Finance
Remittance-linked financial products and access to finance including services and incentives to create greater outreach, housing loans, loans for small business investments and consumer loans, savings products, insurance products.

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