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Thematic Area: Access to Finance

One of four Global Remittances Working Group Thematic Areas, ACCESS TO FINANCE, activities include:

  • Services and incentives to create greater outreach to senders and receivers of remittances;
  • Housing loans;
  • Loans for small business investments and consumer loans;
  • Savings products and insurance products

Thematic Area Coordinator



  • Mr. Massimo Cirasino, Head, Payment Systems Development Group, World Bank

Thematic Area Resources



 Thematic Area Participants


Public and Private Sector Partnership on Remittances
Private Sector
Daniel Ayala, Wells Fargo, Senior Vice-President Global Remittance Services
Mary Patricia Azevedo, Western Union, Associate General Counsel and Senior Vice President
Norbert Bielefeld, World Savings Bank Association, Deputy Director, Payment Systems
Patrick Dwyer, MasterCard Worldwide, Global Prepaid and Debit Product Group
Leon Issacs, International Association of Money Transmitters, Executive Director
Maria Jaramillo, Accion, Senior Director for Remittances
Lonnie Keene, MoneyGram, International Chief Compliance Officer
David Landsman, National Money Transfer Networks, Managing Director
Salvador Perez-Galindo, Visa, Government Relations
Jim Sauber, UNI Global Union, Washington Representative
Thaer Sabri, Electronic Money Association, Chief Executive
Marina Solin, GSM Association Consultant, MMT program
Catherine Banneux, SWIFT

Public Sector 
Sibel Beadle, EBRD, Principal Banker
Yisr Barnieh, Arab Monetary Fund, Arab Payment System Committee Coordinator
Massimo Cirasino (Chair), The World Bank, Head Payment Systems Development Group
Pedro De Vasconcelos, IFAD Coordinator for Remittances IFAD/ Headquarters
Seymour Fortescue, United Kingdom Remittance Task Force Chair
Patrick Giraud, African Development Bank Chief Specialist
Martin Hallet, European Commission DG Internal Market and Services
Marc Hollanders, Bank for International Settlements Special Advisor on financial stability and market infrastructure
Kerry Nelson, Department for International Development Remittance Specialist
Dilip Ratha, The World Bank, Senior Economist
Cerstin Sander, KFW Entwicklungsbank Financial Sector, Europe
Donald Terry, The World Bank Senior Advisor on Remittances
Gregory Watson, Interamerican Development Bank Remittance Program Coordinator

Experts Nominated by National Authorities 

Luigi Falzetti, Associazione Bancaria Italiana Retail Payment Systems Sector
Veronica Fucile, Banca d' Italia Senior Payment System Specialist
Christian Ambrosius, Freie Universität Berlin Research Associate
Martin Diehl, Deutsche Bundesbank
Barbara Fritz, Freie Universität Berlin Junior Professor in Latin American Economics
Andrea Riester, GTZ Technical Adviser
Cerstin Sander, * KFW Entwicklungsbank Financial Sector, Europe
Mechthild Schrooten, Bremen University Director of International Studies on Global Management (ISGM)
Ursula Stiegler, Freie Universität Berlin Research Associate
Luc Jacolin, Banque de France Studies and Monetary Statistics Dept.
Candice Olivier, Banque de France Project Manager
Mikhail Denisenko, Institute of Demography of State University


Last updated: 2009-11-06

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