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Working Group Structure

The Core Global Remittances Working Group comprises representatives from the World Bank Group and interested national authorities.  It is chaired by Gloria Grandolini, World Bank-IFC Senior Director for the Finance and Markets Global Practice.  Its main functions are:

  • Steer the entire process
  • Set priorities for the four Thematic Areas
  • Review the products of the four Thematic Areas
  • Discuss and prepare the key documents to be submitted to the G8 for consideration
  • Ensure visability of the project vis-a-vis external parties
  • Increase awareness on remittances related issues within the development community, in G8 countries, and beyond.

The International Advisory Committee (IAC) comprises 9 international experts known for their expertise and experience in the field of remittances.  The experts are invited as individuals and not as representatives of any particular institution.  The IAC is coordinated by Massimo Cirasino and Dilip Ratha (World Bank).  Its main responsibilities are:

  • Bring to bear international and national expertise on a variety of aspects related to remittances
  • Assure consistency with the most up-to-date thinking on remittances matters
  • Provide technical advice and guidance on the activities of the four Thematic Areas
  • Review documents/reports prepared in the context of the four Thematic Areas
  • Present at and provide support for conferences, seminars, and workshops
  • Help identify appropriate areas and resources for practical implementation of the G8 recommendations

Four Working Thematic Areas (TAs) have been established following the order of the seven G8 recommendations of 2007.  The Thematic Areas are each coordinated by a representative from the World Bank Group (Thematic Area leaders), who assumes responsibility for each individual program.

The working Thematic Areas on different aspects of remittances are:

  • Data
  • Migration & Development
  • Payment & Market Infrastructure
  • Access to Finance

Activities of each Thematic Area are organized according to the modalities indicated by the relative coordinators, following the suggestions of the International Advisory Committee and with the agreement of the Core Working Group.  The TA leaders will actively solicit interest to participate, through appropriate consulting procedures, in the respective activities from a broad number of stakeholders from developed and developing countries.

Last updated: 2009-11-06

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