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Office of the Chief Economist


The Chief Economist is the principal economic advisor for the World Bank’s Financial & Private Sector Development Vice President. The office supports the unit through a wide range of analytic, collaborative and advisory functions. Asli Demirguc-Kunt is the Director of Development Policy in the World Bank's Development Economics Vice Presidency (DEC) and the Chief Economist of Financial and Private Sector Development Network.


FPD Chief Economist Talks
The FPD Chief Economist Talks are a series of monthly events designed to bring leading minds to speak at the World Bank Group.

Global Financial Development Report (GFDR) Events
The GFDR is a new annual publication of the World Bank. It aims to more clearly position the World Bank in the financial sector development policy debate.

Board Meeting:   July 10, 2012
Media Launch:    September 13, 2012
FPD Forum Plenary: November 6, 2012                   
InfoShop Book Launch: November 27, 2012
Organized Seminars

FPD Academy
The FPD Academy is a monthly seminar designed to share the findings of the best new analytical work from across the FPD Network.

FPD Annual Financial Overview Course
The Overview course is intended for mid-level officials from central banks, ministries of finance, and financial regulatory agencies in developing countries, as well as staff involved in financial operations from international development organizations and the private sector.


Measuring Financial Inclusion. The Global Financial Inclusion Index (Global Findex) 
This material summarizes the ongoing work on the Global Financial Inclusion Index (Global Findex), which fills a major gap in the financial inclusion data landscape and is the first public database of demand-side indicators that consistently measures individuals’ usage of financial products across countries. The survey was rolled out in January 2011, and the first dataset will be made available to the public in 2012.

Financial Structure and Economic Development (July 2011).
This conference examined whether financial structures change as countries develop, and whether some structures are better suited to particular stages of development.

New Ideas in Business Growth: Financial Literacy, Firm Dynamics and Entrepreneurial Environment Conference (March 2011).
This conference focused on three broad themes (a) business and financial literacy training, (b) the business environment, and (c) corporate governance and firm dynamics.

Bank ownership and performance in the Middle East and North Africa region (Jan. 2011).
Although both domestic and foreign private banks have gained ground in MENA in recent years, state banks continue to play an important role in many countries.

Do we need big banks? Evidence on performance, strategy and market (Jan. 2011).
For an international sample of banks, the authors construct measures of a bank's absolute size and its systemic size defined as size relative to the national economy. They examine how a bank's risk and return, its activity mix and funding strategy, and the extent to which it faces market discipline depend on both size measures.

The Chief Economist’s Office has a quality control function for high visibility/ media-sensitive flagships. FPD flagship reports such as Doing Business, Financial Development, Investing Across Borders, Women Business and the Law and potentially others require Chief Economist sign-off before publication. This function requires close engagement with the Chief Economist’s office throughout the product development cycle.



New Publication
GFDR Flagship Report

All About Finance

Simon Johnson 
Simon Johnson, former Chief Economist of the IMF, discusses The Next Financial Meltdown 

New Publication

Global Financial Development Report is a new annual publication that aims to more clearly position the World Bank in the financial sector development policy debate. The first issue of the report is to be launched before the 2012 Annual Meetings.

Recent post about the Global Financial Development Report on All About Finance.

Global Financial Development Report

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