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Viewpoint Policy Journal

The Viewpoint policy journal focuses on public policy innovations for private-sector led and market-based solutions for development. The journal is open to submissions. A writer's guide is available for download (PDF 22KB).

Recent Policy Briefs

View pointsDeposit Insurance Systems
Deposit insurance is increasingly being recognized as an important part of a country's financial sector safety net. Deposit insurers are using the Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems to complete self-assessments to guide them in their strategic planning and ongoing operations. So far there have been 13 guided self-assessments facilitated by the International Association of Deposit Insurers or detailed assessments completed through the World Bank and International Monetary Fund's Financial Sector Assessment Program. The results of these assessments show areas of particular concern for deposit insurers.
View pointsOwnership Anonymity
Is it possible to register a limited liability company anonymously? According to data from the 2012 World Bank Entrepreneurship Database, a majority of the economies surveyed require the name of the principal owner of a limited liability company at the time of registration. But a large share of the economies do not require further proof of the identity of the person listed as the principal owner. Analysis of the data finds a positive relationship between greater ownership anonymity and new firm registrations.
View pointsFeed-In Tariffs or Auctions?
Feed-in tariffs have been the most widely used support mechanism to encourage the growth of grid-connected renewable energy. But could competitive tenders or auctions offer lower prices while still providing adequate incentives for market entry by renewable energy suppliers? This Note looks at recent developments in South Africa, which initially explored feed-in tariffs for renewable energy but then turned instead to competitive tenders. Initial outcomes are encouraging: there has been much market interest, and subsequent bidding rounds have seen prices fall. Could there be lessons for other countries?


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