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Privatization Toolkits

Tackle the challenges of doing reform with practical advice and resources from experienced practitioners.

Cross-Sector Toolkits

 Concessions Toolkit

Concessions Toolkit"Concessions: A Guide to their Design and Award" helps policymakers understand the granting of concessions, including their design, award, implementation, monitoring, and modification. Download the toolkit (PDF, 772KB)

Hiring and Managing Advisors Toolkit

Hiring and Managing Advisors Toolkit"A Guide for Hiring and Managing Advisors for Private Participation in Infrastructure" helps government officials address issues involved in hiring and managing advisors for tendering, contracting, and managing private sector contracts in various sectors. Download the toolkit (PDF, 3.2 MB)

Labor Toolkit

Labor ToolkitThe "Labor Issues in Infrastructure Reform" toolkit provides practical tools and information to help policymakers handle labor issues arising from infrastructure service reforms. Access the toolkit online.


Sector-Specific Toolkits

Highways Toolkit

Highways ToolkitThe "Toolkit for Public-Private Partnership in Highways" highlights policy options for private participation in the highways sector (ranging from feeder roads to motorways). Access the toolkit online.


 Ports Toolkit

Ports ToolkitThe "Framework for Port Reform" toolkit, now in its second edition, provides policymakers and practitioners with effective decision support in undertaking sustainable and well-considered reforms of public institutions that provide, direct, and regulate port services in developing countries. Download the toolkit (PDF, 5.4MB)

Solid Waste Toolkit

Solid Waste ToolkitThe "Private Sector Participation in Municipal Solid Waste Management" toolkit aids local governments in deciding whether and how to involve the private sector in municipal waste services. Download the toolkit (PDF, 3.6MB)

Telecommunications Toolkit

Telecommunications ToolkitThe "Telecommunications Regulation Handbook" provides regulators with a practical guide to regulating telecommunications, focusing on best practices in licensing, interconnection, pricing, and universal service obligations. Access the toolkit online.

Urban Bus Toolkit

Urban Bus ToolkitToo often, faulty regulatory or competitive environments, poor route planning, or vehicle maintenance hinder bus systems’ efficiency in the developing world. The "Urban Bus Toolkit" provides the fundamentals necessary for municipal officials and policymakers to begin the process of reform. This site offers guidance on evaluating urban bus systems, providing best practice benchmarks and an interactive tool to help diagnose and address problem areas. Access the toolkit online.

Water and Sanitation Toolkit

Water and Sanitation Toolkit"Approaches to Private Participation in Water Services" assembles experience gained in introducing private participation in water and sanitation and lessons on what can make or break the process. Download the toolkit (PDF, 1.6MB)

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