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Presentations from the 6th Global Pension and Savings Conference

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Conference Sessions - Wednesday, April 2 

Session 1: Setting the Scene: 20 years of Global Pension Policy

  • Averting the Old Age Crisis Reflections 20 year later: Estelle James, SUNY, Stony Brook and former Lead Economist, World Bank
  • Robert Palacios, World Bank Group

Session 2: The Sustainability and Adequacy Tradeoff as Countries Age 

  • Global Trends and reforms: The OECD Perspective: Ambrogio Rinaldi, COVIP, Italy and OECD Working Party on Private Pensions
  • Developments, Difficult choices and Diversifying Systems in Europe and Central Asia: Anita Schwarz, World Bank Group
  • The challenge of rapid aging in Asia: Donghyun Park, Asian Development Bank
  • The lesson from Poland: Agnieszka Chlon-Dominczak, Warsaw School of Economics

Session 3: Challenges and Innovations in Expanding Pensions Coverage

  • The role of incentives and behavioral economics in expanding coverage: Brigitte Madrian, Harvard University
  • Towards Universal Coverage in Latin America through Better Pensions and Better Jobs: Mariano Bosch, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Pensions in India: Past, present and future: Guatam Bhardwaj, Invest India Micro Pension Services, India (Video on MicroPension-VISA Lab)
  • Auto-enrolment from concept to over 2 million more pension savers: Charles Counsell, The Pensions Regulator,  UK

Session 4: Global and Regional Reflections: Roundtable

  • Edward Odundo, CEO, Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya and President IOPS
  • Benedict Clements, Division Chief, IMF       
  • Carlos Ramirez, President of CONSAR, Mexico
  • Uluc Icoz, Head of Private Pensions, Turkish Treasury
  • Junichi Sakamoto, Chief Adviser, Nomura Research Institute
  • Edward Whitehouse, Director, Axia Economics

Luncheon Remarks: "The Greek Public Pension System. Who sows, who reaps?  Greek Public Pension System from the baby boom, to the fiscal boom, to the crisis" - George Symeonidis, Hellenic Actuarial Authority, Greece

Conference Sessions - Thursday, April 3

Session 5: Delivering Better Costs and Investment

  • What accurate benchmarking tells us about cost and investment performance: Mike Heale, CEM Benchmarking
  • Market Structure, Scale, Expertise and Governance as drivers of improved costs and investments: Will Price, World Bank Group
  • Sweden: Costs, investments and continuous improvement: Annika Sunden, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
  • The impact of auctions in Peru and Chile: Michel Canta, Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Fund Administrators, Peru

Session 6: Investment: Global Trends to Practical Infrastructure Projects  

  • The investment industry globally after the financial crisis: John Rogers, CFA Institute
  • Institutional Investors and Infrastructure in Emerging Markets: Fiona Stewart, World Bank Group
  • Building infrastructure investment capability: Kirstine Damkjaer, Global Infrastructure Fund, IFC
  • Mobilizing Capital Markets for Infrastructure – The Colombian experience: Clemente del Valle, Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional, Colombia

Session 7: The Payout Phase: Products, Providers and Structures 

  • The size and nature of the Retirement Income Challenge: Edward Whitehouse, AXIA Economics
  • Linking accumulation to the payout goal to address mortality and investment risk:  Craig Thorburn, World Bank Group
  • Securing Lifelong Retirement Income: Annika Sunden, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
  • Delivering annuities in Developing and Developed Markets: the role of private providers: Carmen Hoyo, BBVA

Session 8: Bringing it all together: Lessons, Solutions and Outcomes 

Luncheon Remarks: "The Economics and Politics of Global Aging" - Stephen Goss, US Social Security Administration


Roundtable on Regulation and Supervision - Friday, April 4

 Roundtable Session 1: Strategies, Outcomes and Risk Based Supervision

  • Initial Presentation by: Michael Hafeman, Chair Toronto Center Insurance and Pension Program

Roundtable Session 2: Developing Investment Governance and Benchmark strategies

Roundtable Session 3: Delivering recordkeeping, IDs, MI and payment infrastructure


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