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Interview with Financial Integrity manager, Jean Pesme




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There is growing concern about money laundering and terrorist financing as the world views the effects of these criminal activities on the integrity and functioning of financial systems, good governance, financial stability and economic development. 

Programs on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) are essential elements of the World Bank’s development mandate in the financial sector. They relate to, and reinforce, the Bank’s complementary work on governance and legal framework issues. The objective of the Financial Market Integrity Group is to support client countries in strengthening the integrity of their financial sectors through:

More information on the Strategy and Objectives of the unit.  

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In praise of Anti-Corruption Day:  An interview with FPDFI's manager, Jean Pesme.  See details... 
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FATF Puts Financial Inclusion on its Agenda:  Article by Jean Pesme and Michael Tarazi.  See details... 

Stolen Assets Recovery: An initiative by the World Bank and United Nations. See details…

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Jean Pesme:  Gerente de la unidad de integridad del mercado financiero del Banco Mundial:  En Espanol 

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