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Meet the Team

Loic PhotoLoic Chiquier
Loic is a housing finance expert and manager of the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Group within the World Bank's Global Capital Markets Department. His areas of expertise are housing and housing finance policy, primary and secondary mortgage markets, housing finance institutions, lower-income housing finance, residential rental markets, and legal and regulatory environments. He has work experience in Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine. In addition, he supervises World Bank Group projects in twenty other countries. Prior to joining the World Bank, Loic served as an Advisor for housing finance reform to the Government of Poland, Head of Crédit Foncier International (subsidiary of a French bank providing international technical assistance) and also as the director for Eastern Europe of the same bank. Loic holds a degree from Ecole Polytechnique (France) and a DEA of macro-economic analysis & policy (Ecole Normale Supérieure). He holds Master's Degrees from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees in Finance, and from the Institut des Sciences Politiques de Paris in International Relations.

Churchill photoCraig Churchill
Craig Churchill has nearly two decades of microfinance experience in both developed and developing countries. In his current position in the ILO's Social Finance Programme, he focuses primarily on the role of financial services that the poor can use to manage risks and reduce their vulnerability, including savings, insurance and emergency loans. He serves of the Chair of the CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance and on the Editorial Board of the MicroBanking Bulletin.
Craig has authored and edited over 40 articles, papers, monographs and training manuals on various microfinance topics including microinsurance, customer loyalty, organizational development, governance, lending methodologies, regulation and supervision, and financial services for the poorest of the poor. His most recent publication, Protecting the poor: A micro-insurance compendium (Geneva: ILO, Munich Re Foundation), which he edited, is the most authoritative book on the subject. He has a BA from Williams College and an MA from Clark University, both in Massachusetts.

RamanathanRamanathan Coimbatore Subramanian
Ramanathan is a Microinsurance Consultant in the Insurance for the Poor Program, within the World Bank's Financial and Private Sector Department. Since joining the Bank as a consultant in 2007, he has worked on microinsurance action research studies in the Latin American and Caribbean region. In addition, he was instrumental in researching, analyzing and developing proposals on the innovative topic of combining conditional cash transfers and microinsurance. Ramanathan holds a Master's degree in International Communication and Development from American University’s School of International Service. His Master's thesis was on microinsurance under Islamic banking systems, and included development of a microinsurance model adapted to such conditions. In addition, he completed his Masters in Business Administration from a leading Business School in India in 2003. He also has worked with one of the largest insurance provider in India, TATA AIG – General Insurance Company, on the development and delivery of both accident and health products in the corporate and retail markets.

Véronique Faber
As a member of the Performance Indicators Working Group, Véronique Faber coordinates the Performance Indicators initiative for ADA. In collaboration with BRS, GTZ and the Microinsurance Network, this initiative aim to strengthen awareness towards performance analysis and risk management by using toolkits and trainings. Véronique also looks after the secretariat of the Microinsurance Network and has been involved in its set-up, and works as Programme Manager with ADA asbl, an NGO based in Luxembourg.

Denis GarandDenis Garand 
Denis graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1981, and has since obtained an FCIA and FSA. From 1981 to 2000, he worked for a Canadian cooperative insurance company as Group Actuary, Director of Marketing and Vice-President of group insurance as well as an advisor to developing cooperative insurers, and an active participant in industry associations.
From 2000, Denis had been an independent consultant, focusing on the Canadian group and creditor insurance industry and international micro insurance programs.
• Canadian assignments have included strategic reviews, capital management, training, product development, pricing, mergers, insurance company start up and the development of the first Canadian disability incidence study.
• International assignments for BearingPoint, CGAP, ILO, GTZ, CCA, ICMIF and The World Bank have been in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Benin, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Egypt, Philippines, and Barbados. He works on all aspects of micro insurance and creditor insurance, with a principal specialty in micro health insurance.

Vijay PhotoVijay Kalavakonda
Vijay is a senior insurance specialist in the Insurance for the Poor Program, within the World Bank's Financial and Private Vice Presidency. Since joining the Bank in 1999, he has worked in a number of areas including a) natural disaster risk management programs in Turkey, Mexico, the Caribbean and India; b) agriculture insurance and weather-index insurance in Central America, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey; and c) health insurance in India, and East Africa. Vijay has been involved in developing one of the biggest microinsurance schemes in the world, which currently insures more than 2 million poor women and their dependents in Andhra Pradesh, India. Vijay holds Master’s degrees in Biotechnology, Business Administration, and European Social Security. He is also a certified Health Insurance Associate and Managed Health Care Professional.

Mahul OlivierOlivier Mahul 
Olivier is the program
manager of the Insurance for the Poor Program, which is housed in the World Bank's Financial and Private Sector Development Vice-Presidency. Since he joined the World Bank Group in 2003, he has been involved in developing catastrophe risk management solutions for the World Bank client countries, with a particular focus on agricultural risk management. His assignments include the design and management of World Bank programs of technical assistance and lending in support of agricultural insurance programs in Mongolia, India, China, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Tanzania, etc. as well as catastrophe insurance programs in South America and the Caribbean Islands. Previously, Olivier served as senior research economist in charge of risk management in the French Ministry of Agriculture. He was also visiting research fellow at University of California at Berkeley and Wharton School. Olivier holds a PhD in economics of risk and insurance from University of Toulouse.

MichaelMichael J. McCord 
With extensive experience in banking, microfinance, and microinsurance, Michael J. McCord is the President of The MicroInsurance Centre, an organization dedicated to creating partnerships between regulated insurers and forming appropriate delivery channels to provide specially designed and managed insurance products to the low-income markets around the world.
Michael combines experience as controller of a US commercial bank, CEO of an MFI in Uganda, Regional Director for microfinance programs in Africa, and since 2000, President of the MicroInsurance Centre to provide a depth of knowledge on developing and managing microinsurance products. He has written extensively on microinsurance, including as a frequent contributor to “Protecting the Poor, A Microinsurance Compendium” and as co-author of “Making Insurance Work for Microfinance”, as well as “The Landscape of Microinsurance in the World’s 100 Poorest Countries” (2007).

Caroline Phily
Caroline Philly has worked in both the private and the non profit insurance world. She is a certified actuary (ISFA diploma) and has worked for several years in private companies in France and Chile, developing credit insurance topics and risk management and pricing tools. She holds a Master's degree in development from Lyon II, and has worked as a technical assistant for a community based health insurance scheme in Cambodia for almost 2 years.

SaenzMaria Victoria Saenz
Maria is an operations specialist with substantial experience in Latin America and the Caribbean region. Her primary area of specialization includes microfinance, microinsurance and projects dealing with the development of the micro enterprise sector. Since June 2004, she has worked as a Senior Operations Specialist at the Multilateral Investment Fund. She has six years of addiional experience as a Micro-enterprise Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank.



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