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Microinsurance Aggregators

During the initial round of meetings with microinsurance experts, it was clear that attempting to approach every institution or group offering microinsurance products for their detailed data would be a difficult task, but could be facilitated through the use and participation of microinsurance aggregators (MA). In terms of the database, aggregators are organizations, companies, and other entities that by reason of their institutional objectives and structures have the ability and often the need to collect relevant microinsurance data from multiple sources. 

The aggregators will play an important role in microinsurance data collection as they may
(1) Have significant volumes of data collected over time,
(2) Have a persuasive leverage to get their members / constituents to provide good data for further delivery to the database and or
(3) Play a significant role in directly developing microinsurance markets or work with microinsurance intermediaries thereby has persuasive leverage to get data

The following organizations have been identified as microinsurance aggregators:

National and / or Regional Commercial Insurance Associations 
  APESEG – National Insurance Association of Peru
  AMIS – National Insurance Association of Mexico
  FASECOLDA – National Insurance Association of Colombia
  FANAF – Regional Insurance Association of Insurance Companies in Francophone countries in Africa

Community Health Financing Associations 
  CHeFA-EA – Association of Community Based Health Financing Organizations in East Africa
  Concertation -- Association of Community Based Health Financing Organizations in Francophone countries in Africa

MFI networks / Research and Resource Centers in the microinsurance space
  MICRA – Philippines Foundation Inc.
  MABS  – Microenterprise Access to Banking Services in Philippines
  ProDesarrollo, Finanzas y Microempresa, A.C. - Association of Microfinance Institutions in Mexico
  RIMANSI – Regional Resource Centre for all Mutual Benefit Associations based in Philippines and South East Asia
  INAFI – International Network of Alternate Financial Institutions that covers all the MFI NGOs in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Insurance Supervisors
•  IRDA – Insurance Regulatory Authority of India


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