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Global Microinsurance Benchmark Database

Making Microinsurance Markets Easier To Understand

This website is a resource center for microinsurance providers interested in expanding access to insurance services to low income markets. It provides extensive information on market size, financial and operational performance of different types of microinsurance providers across countries, products and delivery channels.

The Global Microinsurance Benchmark Database is a collaborative effort by the World Bank’s Insurance for the Poor Program and Microinsurance Network with support from the Microinsurance Innovation Facility, Inter-American Development Bank and Munich Re Foundation.

The main purpose of this website is to provide objective data and analysis from all types of microinsurers, including formal and informal institutions. There is no bias towards any model, methodology, insurer, delivery channel, or products. In addition, the analysis will help create benchmarks that will help inform providers in identifying their performance and efficiencies within their markets and across their region. All of the reports and analysis provided in this website maintains the confidentiality of individual insurer’s data.

This website is designed to benefit insurers, donors, supervisors, policymakers, delivery channels, researchers, and the market as a whole. Learn more...

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