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Payment Systems
An efficient, secure and reliable payment system reduces the cost of exchanging goods and services, enhances the stability of the financial sector, and expands access to financial services.

Remittances are now probably the largest source of external financing in developing countries. However, they can be expensive relative to the often low incomes of migrant workers and the rather small amounts sent.

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Payment Systems Worldwide: A Snapshot. Outcomes of the Global Payment Systems Survey 2008
This document analyzes the outcomes of a comprehensive survey carried out by the World Bank’s Payment Systems Development Group in 142 countries. The outcomes are expected to guide reform efforts in the payment system arena both nationally and globally.

Remittance Prices Worldwide Database
This website provides data on the cost of sending and receiving small amounts of money from one country to another. (Available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.)

Redefining the Landscape of Payment Systems | April 7-10, 2009 | Cape Town
The World Bank is intensifying its commitment to promote and disseminate the policy and research debate on payments and securities settlement systems, remittances, and other topics within the scope of financial infrastructure. For this purpose, the World Bank Group is organizing the third global conference for payment system specialists.

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The Evolution of Real Time Gross Settlement: Access, Liquidity and Credit, and Pricing


Publication: General Principles for International Remittance Services
(French| Spanish)

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