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Report on Engendering Development

"Engendering Development - Through Gender Equality in Rights, Resources, and Voice" is a Policy Research Report by the World Bank focusing on gender issues and their broad economic and social implications in developing and transitional countries. The report examines the conceptual and empirical links between gender, public policy, and development outcomes. The evidence presented shows that societies that discriminate by gender tend to experience less rapid economic growth and poverty reduction than societies that treat males and females more equally. To promote gender equality, the report proposes a 3-part strategy emphasizing (i) institutional reforms that promote equal rights for women and men; (ii) policies for sustained economic development; and (iii) active measures to redress persistent gender disparities. The report is based on a series of background papers, plus an electronic (web)discussion.

The full report can be downloaded in the following web pages:

Summaries are also available in PDF fromat. 


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