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Report Background Papers

The findings, interpretations, and conclusions of these papers are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of The World Bank, its Board of Directors, or any of its member countries.

No. 1: Gender Inequality, Income, and Growth: Are Good Times Good for Women?
By David Dollar and Roberta Gatti
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 121K)]

No. 2: Intrahousehold Allocation and Gender Relations: New Empirical Evidence
By Agnes R. Quisumbing and John A. Maluccio
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 195K)]  [Comments]

No. 3: Gender and Preferences for Malaria Prevention in Tigray, Ethiopia
By Julian A. Lampietti, Christine Poulos, Maureen L. Cropper, Haile Mitiku, and Dale Whittington
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 108K)] [Comments]

No. 4: Are Women Really the "Fairer" Sex? Corruption and Women in Government
By David Dollar, Raymond Fisman and Roberta Gatti
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 49K)] [Comments]

No. 5: The Structure of Social Disparities in Education: Gender and Wealth
By Deon Filmer
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 311K)][Comments]

No. 6: Protecting Women and Promoting Equality in the Labor Market: Theory and Evidence
By Yana van der Meulen Rodgers
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 144K)][Comments]

No. 7: Does Gender Inequality Reduce Growth and Development? Evidence from Cross-Country Regressions
By Stephan Klasen
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 133K)][Comments]

No. 8: Gender Earnings Differentials: The European Experience
By Patricia Rice
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 700K)][Comments]

No. 9: Towards a Feminist Politics? The Indian Women’s Movement in Historical Perspective
By Samita Sen
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 177K)] [Comments]

No. 10: Effects of Child Care Prices on Women's Labor Force Participation in Russia
By Michael M. Lokshin
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 130K)] [Comments]

No. 11: Consumption Expenditure and Female Poverty: A Review of the Evidence

By Julian A. Lampietti and Linda Stalker
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 258K)] [Comments]


No. 12: The Gender Imbalances in the Export Oriented Garment Industry in Bangladesh
By Pratima Paul-Majumder and Anwara Begum
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 93K)] [Comments]

No. 13: The Intra-household Allocation of Time and Tasks: What Have We Learnt from the Empirical Literature?
By Nadeem Ilahi
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 125K)] [Comments]


No. 14: Changing Gender Relations in Vietnam's Post Doi Moi Era
By Lynellyn D. Long, Le Ngoc Hung, Allison Truitt, Le Thi Phuong Mai, and Dang Nguyen Anh
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 369K)] [Comments]

No. 15: The Effect of Early Childhood Development Programs on Women’s Labor Force Participation and Older Children’s Schooling in Kenya
By Michael M. Lokshin, Elena Glinskaya and Marito Garcia
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 243K)] [Comments]


No. 16: State Policies and Women's Autonomy in China, The Republic of Korea, and India 1950-2000: Lessons From Contrasting Experiences

By Monica Das Gupta, Sunhwa Lee, Patricia Uberoi, Danning Wang, Lihong Wang and Xiaodan Zhang
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 179K)] [Comments]


No. 17: Social Security Reform and Women's Pensions

By Alejandra Cox-Edwards

[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 138K)] [Comments]

No. 18: Gender, Time Use, and Change: Impacts of Agricultural Export Employment in Ecuador
By Constance Newman
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 123K)]  [Comments]

No. 19: The Gender Implications of Public Sector Downsizing: The Reform Program of Vietnam
By Martin Rama
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 97K)]  [Comments]

No. 20: Wage Distribution in Chile: Does Gender Matter? A Quantile Regression Approach
By Claudio Montenegro
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 500K)] [Comments]

No. 21: Effects of Trade Liberalization on the Gender Wage Gap in Mexico

By Raquel Artecona and Wendy Cunningham

[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 114K)] [Comments]


No. 22: Gender Wage Gaps in Post-Reform Rural China

By Scott Rozelle, Xiao-yuan Dong, Linxiu Zhang, and Andrew Mason

[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 137K)] [Comments]


No. 23: Gender Effects on Aggregate Saving
By Maria Sagrario Floro and Stephanie Seguino
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 162K)] [Comments]


No. 24: Wage Earners, Self-Employment, and Gender in the Informal Sector in Turkey
By Aysit Tansel
[Abstract only] [Full-length paper (PDF 162K)] [Comments]



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