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Gender in Agriculture: A World Bank Learning Module


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Welcome! This learning module is a product of the World Bank's Gender Group in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network. It is the first in a series of learning modules created for World Bank staff who are interested in learning the what and how of incorporating gender issues into their work. Each learning module in this series focuses on a particular sector of operation. This module has particular reference to the agriculture sector.


An overview and introduction to this site and to the issue of gender in development work, particularly agriculture. How do we define gender, and why do gender issues make a difference?



What are the gender issues in agricultural development work? The most salient issues are summarized by sub-sector.



How are gender issues approached, both in general and in agricultural work? Some approaches have been more successful than others. What are the pros and cons of each? How can you judge which technique is best?



This section contains useful tools for implementing gender education and analysis across a variety of sectors and geographic regions including slide presentations, exercises for both trainers and audiences, sample terms of reference for contractors, and instruments to aid with gender analysis.


Case Studies

Read about gender-related development outcomes and lessons from cases around the world in a variety of agriculture sub-sectors.


References & Contacts

Look here for more information about gender issues: books and articles, people and agencies to contact, sources of funding, related websites, and more.




We welcome your questions and comments. Please direct these to the World Bank's Gender and Development Group, c/o
The World Bank Group
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